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Cytus - Saika -彩華-

Cytus - Saika -彩華-

Cytus Saika version 2

Cytus Saika version 2


  • This song has a hidden version. To access it, tapping both of the red "kanji" characters to blue, then start the song normally.

Difficulty ChangelogEdit

Version Easy Hard
1.0(Old Chart ) 6 9
1.2 6 7
3.0 6 8
4.5 5 7
7.0(New Chart) 5 7

Note Statistics Edit

  • Click notes
    213 on Easy (81.92%), 341 on Hard (75.95%)
  • Hold notes
    40 on Easy (15.38%), 64 on Hard (14.25%)
  • Drag notes
    7 on Easy (2.70%), 44 on Hard (9.80%)



Saika in Deemo

Saika VOEZ

Saika in VOEZ

  • This is the only 1.0 song transferred to Chapter III with the rest of 2.0 songs.
  • This song also appears in Deemo and VOEZ.
  • This is the shortest Rabpit song.
  • "Saika" (彩華) in Japanese means "colorful flowers" or "beautiful flowers". It is also used as a female name, but it's commonly pronounced as Ayaka.
  • According to Rabpit's YouTube channel, this version is actually an alternated version 2, while the hidden one is version 3. Version 1 was used in another rhythm game, Mozarc.
  • Along with Sacred, Sanctity, Holy Knight, Colorful Skies and Bloody Purity, this song is from the arcade game Mozarc.
  • The girl in the cover art appears in The Sacred Story's cover art.
  • This is the only song out of five that was remixed into CHAOS but was not brought to Cytus II .
    • However in the Origins of "V." trailer, the song is confirmed to return but as a reward from the upcoming "CAPSO" system.

Helpful InfoEdit

FGO's QuickRun:
  • Did this get nerfed! It got faster, so don't worry about another Halcyon nightmare. Really fun, really swift, so go fast or go home.
— MrGZJcool
Quite easy, and it got FATTER! Wait, sorry. FASTER!
— DropletKloud
With the weird off-sync chart now just ancient history, everybody gets a replayable chart that's so well likable!!! And the girl in the cover art is going to be my waifu!
— Ume Sama
Truffly Tips:
  • This one got a lot more simple and a lot more fun in the 7.0 update, but don't drop your guard because of that. The speed required in this piece may be troublesome for lots of players.
  • Hold notes are frequently used in combination with click notes here! Get used to these types of patterns here; it'll help you with harder hold-and-click in other songs, that require a lot more dexterity.
  • There are some really neat click note patterns here, ranging from swift double-single switches to usage in combination with short and sleek drag notes. Just make sure you make the transitions properly.
— WheatyTruffles

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