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Cytus Million - Xi vs sakuzyo - Storia


猜拆Cytus 8.0 - STORIA

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
8.0 7 9


  • This song is a remix of Halcyon, Niflheimr, VitMaster, Black Lair, and AXION.
    • Halcyon, Black Lair and AXION originally came from BMS.
    • VitMaster was later remade non-chiptune as Magical Musical Master.
  • The song title comes from Modern Italian storia, Old Italian istoria, Latin historia, and Ancient Greek ἱστορία (historía, “learning through research”).
  • This is the longest xi and sakuzyo song.
    • xi and sakuzyo are also known to collaborate for Diverse System.
  • The song's artwork is based on AXION's MV, which has a chess-styled theme and also represents sakuzyo. Vice versa, a bigger chess piece resembling Halcyon's crystal that represents xi.
  • In this song, sakuzyo remixed xi's songs and vice versa.
  • When scrolling to this song on the level select, white seams are visible on the top-left and bottom-right corners. This is because when the cover art rotates, the developers forgot to make sure it still covered the entire screen, so the white background is unintentionally exposed.

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    1190 on Hard (77.93%)
  • Hold notes
    107 on Hard (7.01%)
  • Drag notes
    230 on Hard (15.06%)

Helpful Info[]

It is a good song until I encountered the AXION part, WTF!!.


No way is this the hardest song in M. In fact, I have MMed this song. This just needs stamina and reflexes.


It's easy until the AXION part comes, then at that point you're snowballing into chaos.


You need good reflexes and speed to have a good score on this one. But the chart is quite easy to full combo. I was 67 percent to a full combo. 1000. yey me.


That AXION part always ruins my combo,but this song is not hard.I love this.


The AXION part is the reason I only got an A once.


Everyone knows about how tough AXION is, but the transition from Halcyon to Niflheimr takes some getting used to. Just remember to hit the click at the top then go nuts on the slides. Hold and clicks going into AXION are pretty tough to avoid getting a good as well; multiple fingers are important.