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Rayark (the developer of Cytus and Cytus II) recently released Deemo II!


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That’s what the Calendula means in the language of flowers; the sorrow of parting. But I believe it also means that good things will soon come your way.

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Rin is a main character in Cytus II and is one of the 24 playable characters. She was released with the 2.8 update. Currently, Rin has 10 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 21.


Originally known as Architect OPCII_0584_X, she works as a research analyst on ancient technology for A.R.C.. Always wearing glasses, she speaks in an unhurried manner and gives off a gentle aura.

Her primary work consists of analyzing artifacts that the Exploration Team brings back and restoring useful technology. A botany enthusiast, she gets excited when something even remotely plant-related is brought up.

Shortly after analyzing the chip belonging to ConneR's ancestors, Rin begins to change. Somebody calls out for her through the network... until she gradually remembers her past before becoming a researcher.


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Rin is a shy, introverted architect who spends all of her time inside A.R.C.'s headquarters. Having been rescued and awakened by Sagar during one of his adventures, she has been confined to said place ever since, forbidden from escaping and tasked with research and limited to interacting with other members of the organization.

She seems fond of her job, having a particular love for plants and being incredibly knowledgeable on the topic whenever it is brought up, though that doesn't mean she's satisfied with all the conditions she's living in. Rin, in truth, seems to feel discouraged and hopeless by the fact that there's no way out for her for now. She has only ever expressed her troubles to Sagar, as she is too afraid of anyone else to speak with them on nothing other than a professional level. He, in return, has promised to slowly gain her freedom and stay by her side, swearing to never leave and allow her to choose where they shall go once the time for her liberation comes.


Rin Free Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
Inari TERU FOX 3 6 11 128 2:31
Mari-Temari Miki Fujimoto 2 6 11 98 2:09
Starry Summoner アマギセーラ 2 5 10 106 3:01
The Grand Debate Sherwin 3 7 12 150 2:23
The Siege 3R2 3 8 13 166 2:53
「妖怪録、我し来にけり。」 TEZUKApo11o band ft. ランコ(豚乙女)+OFFICE萬田㈱ 4 8 14 103 2:49
すゝめ☆クノイチの巻 黑沢ダイスケ × mitsu feat. ななひら 5 9 14 120-172 2:24
三灯火 yuritoworks 4 8 13 156 2:20
MisoilePunch♪ 4 9 14 170 2:43
決戦 篤志 4 7 13 155 2:11

Result Screen Quotes

"S-Sorry... but that was really quite bad..." "Sorry... I'm afraid I'll say something that hurts..." "Practice more... I'm sure that you'll improve..." "Ah... Almost perfect..." "That's... amazing." "This is the most beautiful music I've ever heard... Really..."
"Umm... Uh... Nothing." "Umm... You can do it..." "One more try...? It'll be better this time." "Sounds so good... Can you play it one more time...?" "If-If it was me, I probably couldn't reach that level..." "Can you... teach me that...?"
"Is this what it means... to die...?" "If indoor plants don't get enough sunlight, it'll affect their leaves... ah... Did I just hear some music?" "Ah... it's not that I despise you..." "I'm... not frightened by you..." "Just like you... living a normal life..." "... Rin... "


  • The theme of Rin was arranged by 3R2.
  • The etymology of the name Rin, is "dignified" or "companion"
  • Unlike other awakened Architects, Rin did not choose her name. Rather, it was given to her by Sagar.
  • Rin is, as announced on Rayark's twitter, voiced by Noto Mamiko (能登麻美子).