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Cytus Chapter S - Symphony - Revoluxionist


  • According to the song's title, the character's name in the illustration art is Thaddeus: Claw of Chaos.

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
Pre-4.5 Rayark Party Demo 5 8
4.5 5 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    165 on Easy (69.62%), 304 on Hard (45.85%)
  • Hold notes
    46 on Easy (19.41%), 61 on Hard (9.20%)
  • Drag notes
    26 on Easy (10.97%), 298 on Hard (44.95%)


  • This is the shortest xi song.
  • Among all lv5 songs, this song has the least amount of notes.
  • This is a remix of Revolutionary Étude (Étude Op. 10, No. 12) by Chopin.
  • This and Vivere La Vita are the shortest songs in Chapter S.
  • The title of the song includes the name of the composer (REVOLUxiONIST)

Helpful Info[]

Revoluxionist Weakness
The song itself requires the moderate hand movement speed. If you practice fast songs before such as Precipitation At The Entrance Ver.A, this should be a cakewalk. Although the double taps with crossing drags can be a prove of this song's difficulty if you're not careful, it's not quite hard if you treat one of the double tap as part of the drag(see the picture). A level 9 song in it's finest.

One of the easiest Lv9s. The 8-grouped notes are easy to handle and the double + drag note pattern requires the trick of sliding right after clicking a note (as shown in the picture JCEXE offered). By using the aforementioned trick correctly and by having high speed skills, this song becomes a cakewalk.


Tips for that double note + drag note group? Look at the picture given by JCEXE. Still, I find this song a bit rushed, making the actual song lose its original ambience. Then again, I couldn't say no to a symphonic remix! I've downloaded 2 Exit Trance albums based on them!


Like the other wikians said, this song actually isn't really hard if you practice enough. Anyone remember I made a post about Revoluxionist and Requiem's difficulty? Ha. I immediately tried playing this song after CWC and got an MM with 99TP the first try.


Well, this song is... easy. But hey... don't underestimate it. No matter how much you have trained. If you are not careful, the click + drag could kill you everytime. So try not to play this song too much. The rest should be easy enough, so enjoy!

Dr. Breakfast

The click and drag killer. The click and drag killer everywhere plus scan line of 180 is Lvl 10 standard.


There are exactly 4 click'n'drag killers like the ones mentionned above, so pay attention to where they could appear. Although those are the most troublesome parts of the song, do not underestimate the killer that is waiting for you at the end.