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Cytus - Retrospective


Cytus - Retrospective (Extended Ver.) (feat. Maya)

Difficulty Change Log[]

Version Easy/Combo Hard/Combo
1.0(Old Chart) 4[189] 7[266]
4.5 3 4
7.0(New Chart) 3 5

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    181 on Easy (70.98%), 313 on Hard (82.37%)
  • Hold notes
    60 on Easy (23.53%), 55 on Hard (14.47%)
  • Drag notes
    14 on Easy (5.49%), 12 on Hard (3.16%)


ふと心に響いた 歯車が狂いだす音が
遠く咲き誇る花 慘めにただ見つめていた

気付いた気持ちを 抑えきれずに
墮ちていく この日々を 抱きしめていた

そしていつか 巡り会って 恋に落ちて 愛したかった
崩れてく この道を 歩きたかった
君の日々を ほんの少し だけでもいい 手に入れたくて
もがいてる この時間を 永遠のよう と記憶を

Futo kokoro ni hibiita haguruma ga kurui dasu oto ga
Tooku sakihokoru hana nijime ni tada mitsumete ita

Kidzuita kimochi wo osae kirezu ni
Ochite iku kono hibi wo dakishimeteita

Soshite itsuka meguriatte koi ni ochite aishitakatta
Kuzurete ku kono michi wo arukitakatta
Kimi no hibi wo honno sukoshi dake demo ii te ni ireta kute
Mogai teru kono toki wo eien no you to kioku wo
Kono omoi wo...

The sound of gears starting to move resonated in my heart
I was pitifully gazing at the flower that bloomed far away

Without being able to control the feelings I realized I had,
I embraced these days that began to become ruined

And someday, I wanted to meet someone, fall in love, and love each other
I wanted to walk this collapsing road
I wanted to hold your days in my hand, even if it's a little bit
This struggling time and this memory, like an eternity
These feelings...

Notes & Trivia[]

  • This is the shortest naotyu- song.
  • This is the only song in Cytus where naotyu- and maya collaborated, but do not have their name credited as Suzumetune.

The Wikians Say...[]

FGO's QuickRun:

  • That scan line. Doesn't start off from the top or bottom, it starts on the off beat. And the song begins on a off beat from the off beat. URGH... But this song is actually easier than you think. Try it. If you can't pass it, learn from it.

Out of all the lv5s, this is the second hardest.


This song's slow, and I like slow..... Most of the time. Difficulty wise, it's easy. You'll be fine! :D

Ume Sama

Truffly Tips:

  • Although opinions on this one are really scattered, I personally find this to be a harder Level 5 than The Purified on Easy. Make sure you know which beat you're following throughout the song (hint: follow the vocals just before and during the chorus, and follow the piano elsewhere).
  • The ending WILL screw you up if you're not focused. Keep calm and study the chart; if you can decipher the pattern, it's all a matter of speed. As DSZ9 states: you're not a machine gun.
  • The patterns directly after the double hold notes in the chorus can easily screw up your TP. I suggest hitting them with a different set of fingers while keeping the hold notes down (the patterns are a bit tricky for thumbs, I suggest hitting the holds with your third or fourth fingers while using your indexes to attack the patterns).