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Icon Artist Persona Genre No Info
Vocal N/A Cover Art No Info Chart Design No info
Chapter 10 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 1:53 Easy 2 184
BPM 134 Hard 7 450



Cytus - Red Eyes

Difficulty Change log

Version Easy Hard
5.0 2 7

Note Statistics

  • Click notes
    130 on Easy (70.65%), 363 on Hard (80.67%)
  • Hold notes
    45 on Easy (24.46%), 56 on Hard (12.44%)
  • Drag notes
    9 on Easy (4.89%), 31 on Hard (6.89%)


  • This is the shortest Persona song.
  • This song is part of the RGB Eyes series.
  • The "Red Eye" is featured in the cover art of Area184 -Platinum Mix-.

Helpful Info

Another annoying level 7 song along with dat '7x3' song, due to the patterns in the middle of the song. The middle of the song is the killer, with click + drag notes everywhere. Ah... Another one here... (sigh)
— CookiesNWaffles
The first time you'll see a legit click+drag combo.
— DropletKloud
Could this be a Lv8? Maybe. It's pretty random in the middle, but it's a nice song. Not as good as Blue Eyes, though.
— Semi-Squishy 3000

Song List

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