Blossoms for Life
Night Keepers
So In Love
Character Paff BPM 95 Length 2:19
Cover Art N/A Version 2.4
Difficulty Max Combo
Easy 3 201
Hard 6 378
Chaos 9 628
Glitch Not available Not available

Unlock RequirementEdit

  • Level Easy, Hard and Chaos: Already Unlocked.


When I lost my way
You’ve always been there to save my day
Now I’m on the bed, take a little nap
Dreaming like you don't need to wake

When all the memories come back
Somehow I forget how to maintain my breath
All I see is blackness
Don’t know how to act 
Try to dream again
How it’s gonna be
If you’re still around

You were standing there
Feel so close but yet so far away
Come forward step in
Open up my heart
Let you stay inside all day long

Someday I will let you know
I don't wanna bury any things you did
Try my best to recall
Too much for me now
Try to dream again
How it’s gonna be
If you’re still around


  • Despite the artist tag says Night Keepers, the artist was shown as Icebird Studio in the cover art.
    • This could be an error, or it could be that Icebird Studio is an alias of Night Keepers.
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