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Ever since I can remember, the Architects have been around, managing the8̶̢͜͟0̴̛͠=͠͝҉̛h̶̢̀̕͠system… I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s clear the many regulations implemented by the Administration Bureau have hampered the progress of humanity9͘͏̡0̡͘͞͞7̶̸̨͘̕T̷̷̸̸͠. I believe all I can do now is continue to build the Ń̀e͟u̵̷m̡̧ań̶ņ fortress. This is the only way I can protect my family, protect Rald.

… One day, Rald will understand…

[An excerpt from the personal diary of Jonas Neumann]


  • This is the first song cover art in Cytus II to depict blood.
  • There are some reference to Longinus from Deemo (by the same artist) hidden in the music
  • With a note density of 11.162 notes/sec, the CHAOS chart is the third (?) overall densest chart in Cytus II, beaten by Blow My Mind (tpz Overheat Remix) (11.181 notes/sec) and Hydra (11.307 notes/sec)