Cytus Wiki

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
3.0 5 8
4.5 5 7

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    297 on Easy (95.81%), 415 on Hard (94.53%)
  • Hold notes
    13 on Easy (4.19%), 18 on Hard (4.10%)
  • Drag notes
    0 on Easy (0.00%), 6 on Hard (1.37%)



【Cytus】Realize by Persona(with Lyrics)


  • This is Persona's first and only song with vocals in Cytus.
  • This song features vocals by Junko Hirata(平田純子), commonly known as Ayane(彩音), who is famous for singing many songs for different anime and games.


 君と過ごした この奥の景色
 見下ろす度に 色褪せる Memories

 忘れかけていた 君の足音
 Finding your name 時が止まり

 風さえ追い越せるほどに ねえ早く

 Stay Realize
 Still Realize

 Kimi to sugoshita kono oku no keshiki
 Miorosu tabi ni iroaseru Memories

 Wasurekakete ita kimi no ashioto
 Finding your name toki ga tomari
 Kaze ga soyoida

 Kono mamakimi to tsukanda mirai e isogu
 Kami sae oikoseru hodo ninee hayaku

 sou Realize
 Stay Realize
 kimi to ima mo hashitte iru
 sou Realize
 Still Realize
 Shiroki hikari ga uketsuga rete iku

Views of the back that I spent with you
 Memories that fade every time you look down

 Your footsteps that had been forgotten
 Finding your name during stops
 I wind fluttering

 The rush to leave this future that grabbed with you
 In Hey fast as Oikoseru even wind

 So Realize
 Stay Realize
 I'm running you and even now
 So Realize
 Still Realize
 It goes inherited White light

Helpful Info[]

I liked this song actually. Only thing in here is the fast scan line. The timing never goes weird so it's easy to get TP! Yay...! Well, just...Relax and be quick to catch the patterns!


Its scroll speed is quite fast but it has relatively low note density for a level 8.


What did she realize? A light cannon is too powerful? Whatever. This line is speedy, so... keep up I guess?


"Realize what?" Lel. It's not my most favorite song here, and although I don't understand what she is realizing, it does sound very emotional. Fast scan line, though the chart shouldn't be a big deal.

Ume Sama