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Note Statistics[]

Difficulty Tap Notes Drag Notes Hold Notes Flick Notes Special Hold Notes Tap+Drag Notes
EASY 218 (58.60%) 67 (18.01%) 85 (22.85%) 0 2 (0.54%) 0
HARD 450 (61.56%) 201 (27.50%) 67 (9.17%) 0 13 (1.78%) 0
CHAOS 836 (63.53%) 325 (24.70%) 62 (4.71%) 77 (5.85%) 16 (1.22%) 0
GLITCH - - - - - -


夕焼け世界の決別を 焔灰の昏に燻されて 
夕焼け世界の決別を 自責の業に涸れはて(季寂の郷に嗄れはて)


錆びた星時計の様に廻れ、迷環れ 迷環れ 林涅 輪廻

「朱天をさあ、 非明に罅割て抱擁まれる。」「終天をさあ、日冥に罅割て抱擁まれる。」

嗚呼々 アフター・グロウ!!

夕焼け世界の決別を 自責の業に涸れはて 
夕焼け世界の決別を 季寂の郷に嗄れはて

夕焼け世界の月滅を 信じて、嗚呼。

yuuyake sekai no ketsubetsu o en ke no kure ni ku sarete
yuuyake sekai no ketsubetsu o jiseki no gou ni kare hate

-chi no hate ni umare-
-takeru wa kumo-
-hi wa ama nobori-
-moyuru wa chi hei-
-kousekisei no yori-
-madara shiki no ko-
-kurikaeshi rutenshite-

Ikitaeta saki ni nani ga aru ka wakaranai ga soredemo to
sabita hororogiumu no yo ni maware, maware maware rinne rinne

“shu ten o saa, himyou ni hibiwarite tsutsumareru”

“hikari o” “yami o” “hika o” “an o” “hikari o” “yami o”

aaa afutaagurou!!

yuuyake sekai no ketsubetsu o jiseki no gou ni kare hate
yuuyake sekai no ketsubetsu o kiseki no gou ni kare hate

yoidzuki ni shinjite ariku
yuuyake sekai no getsumetsu o shinjite, aa

Farewell to World's Afterglow, smoked by the dusk of the flaming ash [1]
Farewell to World's Afterglow, dried all up by remorseful karma (became hoarse by the calm Heaven [2])

-Born at the ends of the earth/knowledge-
-Clouds are turning red[3]-
-The Heavenly sunrise[4]-
-The horizon burning[3]-
-The result of the Ice Age[5]-
-The speckle-coloured void/child[6]-
-They all change without any end-

"I don't know what will happen after I die, yet still..."
Run in circles like a rusted horologium, run in circles, run in circles!
Woods of Freedom! Re:incRnaTiØN![7]

"Now... the judgement/universe[8] is cracking open and surrounding the red/end of Heaven[9]"

"Give me the Light" "Give me the Light" "Give me the Light"
"Give me the Darkness" "Give me the Darkness" "Give me the Darkness"

Farewell to World's Afterglow, dried all up by remorseful karma
Farewell to World's Afterglow, became hoarse by the calm Heaven

Believe in the early evening's moon...
Lunar Perish to World's Afterglow; Believe it, aah.

Translation Notes[]

  1. When 焔灰 (enka) has it's kanji reversed, it will be pronounced as 火炎 (ka'en), which means flames. Additionally, 炎 has a rarely used variation, which is 焔. Therefore, "Flaming ash" is used.
  2. 季寂の郷 is pronounced as "kiseki no gou" or "country of miracles". The two kanji for 季寂 represents for seasons and silence, respectively. "Calm Heaven" is a suitable combination of the two meanings.
  3. 灼ける and 燃ゆる both mean "to burn". The difference is the former can also mean to turn red when paired with clouds/sky, while the latter can simply mean to burn in flames.
  4. 天昇り is the reverse of 昇天, which means to ascend to Heaven. In Japanese, the 陽が昇る means the sun is rising (sunrise), so "Heavenly sunrise" is the best choice in my opinion.
  5. 洪積世 literally means "Diluvial Epoch", which is the outdated term for Pleistocene, known as the Ice Age. "Ice Age" is used for space size.
  6. 虚 can be pronounced as kyo and ko in On'yomi, with the former being the default. However, it is pronounced ko here, which is similar to child, so both are used.
  7. 林涅 and 輪廻 are pronounced as "rinne", 涅 is the ateji in 涅槃 (nehan), which means nirvana, or free of suffering. 林 means woods, so "Woods of Freedom" is chosen. 輪廻 means Samsara or Reincarnation. Since the title of the song is Re:incRnaTiØN, it is styled as is.
  8. 非明 comes from the chinese word 是非分明, which means "To distinguish between right and wrong", so "judgement" is used. As for 日冥, the former kanji means day or sun, while the latter might be a reference to 冥王星, or Pluto. I originally want to write it as "solar system", bue since Pluto is no longer considered a planet in solar system, I believe "universe" is more accurate.
  9. 終天 (shuuten) and 朱天 (shuten) are pronounced very similarly and indistinguishable in the chorus, apart from the first syllable's length. THe shortest words in English in which these kanji can be translated are end and red respectively.


  • The song’s official translation is “Re:incRnaTiØN 〜Farewell to World’s Afterglow〜.”
  • In Cytus II, this is the second fastest song to not have any change in the scan line speed, behind Freedom Dive. It stays consistently at 206 bpm throughout the entire Chaos chart.
  • The Chaos chart of Cytus II and the hard chart of Cytus α are almost the same.