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Mail_MMaster_08_03 23:56:18

Subject Progress Report_6890803

From: MMaster

To:  ROBO_Head

The intel your source provided is real. I followed the clues back to the source and came across the secret Baro signal notifying their men to spread the drug on the streets. That's why there's nothing on the web. All transactions take place in the real world. Since this is the case, I can't just sit here typing away on my keyboard in safety.

I've already figured out the signal they're using and contacted them. I'm preparing to disguise myself as a buyer and get my hands on some Tequila. If I can get my hands on the code, I'm sure I can analyze it and get more clues. Of course, I'm going to use a fake identity. It shouldn't be dangerous.

The meeting is happening next week. I'll get in contact with you when it's done.