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Log_report_698_07_18 07:53:17

Keywords: [News][Society][A.R.C.][cyTus][Digital Drugs]

Last night, in Node 08 Quadrant III's eastern district, the news of a person falling mysteriously into a coma has come to light. The victim is a music producer who takes cases online; he collapsed suddenly while he was working. Luckily, the health alert system was working properly, and the Administration Bureau send out EMTs immediately to take him to the hospital. Eyewitnesses stated that the victim was foaming at the mouth while being carried out on a stretcher, clearly in pain. He was connected to cyTus at the time.

This is the fifth incident this month where someone on the virtual internet fell into a coma. Citizens are panicking and word of a new digital drug is spreading. Due to rising suspicions, A.R.C. has called for a news meeting to address the matter. A.R.C. spokesperson Leo Smith has stated that the cyTus system goes through various levels of security checks, and no security issues have been found. He noted that A.R.C. takes on the responsibility of improving society very seriously. Therefore, if the Administration Bureau can provide sufficient evidence as to who is responsible, they will deal with the perpetrators immediately to ensure the safety of all cyTus users.

In spite of this formal statement, reporters indicate that "coma" has become the most searched term in cyTus chat rooms, with tens of thousands of people discussing the issue, sharing relevant information daily. Among these are netizens with engineering backgrounds, helping to provide analyses. Regarding this issue, A.R.C. has released another official announcement, urging users to not trust information from unknown sources and that everything is under control.

[Article excerpted from Node News Network]