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Kiryu - Q (Quest OST)

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
4.0 2 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    235 on Easy (80.75%), 612 on Hard (91.21%)
  • Hold notes
    16 on Easy (5.50%), 59 on Hard (8.79%)
  • Drag notes
    40 on Easy (19.75%), 0 on Hard (0.00%)


  • This is one of the two level 9 songs that doesn't have drag notes. The other is The Blocks We Loved.
  • This is also one of the two songs that has the difficulty ratings of 9 on Hard and 2 on Easy. Coincidentally, the other is The Blocks We Loved.
  • 37967926 p0
    Another version of Q's cover can be found on SnowEgg's pixiv.
  • This is one of three songs in Cytus with only one letter as a title, the others being L and N.
  • Each piece of the chain in the artwork looks like a letter Q, and so does some parts of the Hard difficulty chart.

Helpful Info[]

One of the easiest level 9s of all time, with repeated choruses and simple coordination skills needed. It's just that the line is fast. But what an epic piano it is! I feel empty when there's no drag notes though... Am I the only person who thinks like that...?


This is quite easy for a level 9. All it has is a really fast scan line but if your eyes can detect the notes, then there shouldn't be much problems.


My first level 9 MM. Pretty easy, very fast, though. A few tries will get you there.


This song is repetitive, yes. BUT! That just adds the charm to it. The chart is super fast, yet easy to learn. Fun to play as well!

Ume Sama

HIHIHIHIHIHI HAHAHAHAH.... Children laughing?


My second favorite song of the game, so good. It may be an easy one amongst the lv 9 songs, but remember, it's still labeled as lv 9, so stay attentive to the chart. If you feel uneasy about holds + clicks, you might have a harder time than other people to master it.