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Cytus - Chapter Timeline - 2057 -Protest-

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
8.0 6 9


In 2057 Taiwan is a highly developed country. However, there is a potential energy crisis behind the high-tech industries.

Instead of actively developing alternative energy options and creating policies for energy saving, the government simply decided to reactivate nuclear power.

On top of that, there is no proper disposal method for the enriched nuclear waste. This whole situation causes great indignation, unleashing a series of protests.


  • The Cycon is a mirrored Chinese character meaning nuclear(核), which is what the people in the cover art are protesting against. It's reversed so it means 反核(Protest against nuclear).
  • This is the longest song in Chapter T.

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    253 on Easy (62.01%), 570 on Hard (70.55%)
  • Hold notes
    71 on Easy (17.40%), 97 on Hard (12.00%)
  • Drag notes
    84 on Easy (20.59%), 141 on Hard (17.45%)

Helpful Info[]

MM it already XD. This chart is a little bit tricky. First , between the page 48 to page 62 , the chart is quite hard to get all perfect but try to tap perfectly.

Second , between the page 75 to 87 , The hold-hold-tap is quite simple to do on iPad , just use 2 fingers , slide toward the hold notes and don't forget to to tap at the end.

Last one , the final slide part is a little bit quickly , so be careful !


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