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Cytus - Precipitation II

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy/Combo Hard/Combo
1.1(Old Chart ) 6[291] 8[455]
4.5 5 6
7.0(New Chart) 7 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    332 on Easy (80.98%), 201 on Hard (35.26%)
  • Hold notes
    4 on Easy (0.98%), 28 on Hard (4.91%)
  • Drag notes
    74 on Easy (18.04%), 341 on Hard (59.83%)


  • This song is a continuation of Precipitation, but there is a small portion of the song that is not in both versions. However, this missing part of the song can be heard in Deemo.
    • The missing part was later included for this song's new chart in 7.0.
  • This was the first hidden song to be introduced since v1.1.0.
  • The time signature of the song is 6/8.
    • What looked like a speeddown in the very last 2 piano chords is actually a change of Time signature to 7/8, then changed to 9/8
  • It's part of Prismatic Music's Entrance album.
  • A full version is available on Soundcloud and Youtube


  • This song is hidden. To access it, go to Precipitation in the song selection and slide two fingers downwards, following the red rays that occasionally can be seen.

Helpful Info[]

FGO's QuickRun:

  • This chart is definitely simpler than it's original version, but the drags can prove costly again. Two or three fingers shall do the trick. You can be on your way to your first or second Lv9 master.

Easier than its original, but still tricky because of slighty overlapping notes.


Truffly Tips:

  • Read my Precipitation Truffly Tips, and then dumb down your efforts a lot. Seriously, this is such a pathetic excuse for a Level 9 that it doesn't deserve any more words.