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  • This song is hidden. To access it, go to Entrance in the song selection and drag the left wing to the center.

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
2.1 7 9
4.5 6 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    206 on Easy (61.68%), 363 on Hard (64.82%)
  • Hold notes
    94 on Easy (28.14%), 21 on Hard (3.75%)
  • Drag notes
    34 on Easy (10.18%), 176 on Hard (31.43%)


Helpful Info[]

FGO's QuickRun:

  • Grease up! Use two to three fingers again for those pesky drags I can't handle. Oh, and watch out for the "everywhere" click notes. They come out everywhere! Study this chart well. It can be a piece of cake for some.

Seems like a easier way to start off the 'fast scan line' era... Get the feel and rhythm, and you'll get it. My first Level 9 MM FTW. I can't explain how excited I was...


When I first saw this song, I was totally horrified by the speed but if you can get the rhythm right, it isn't as hard as Entrance.


Easy taps, hard drags.


Truffly Tips:

  • Six note groups are this song's forte. Don't let the varying assortments fool you; it mostly consists of six notes per screen in the beginning (after the basic four note group patterns before them, of course).
  • You may feel troubled by the double note rush in the end, but playing this song's other alternate will likely ease that cloudiness. Be quick, or use two fingers on each hand if you can't tap fast enough.
  • Again, using two fingers with the wild drags in this piece will really help if you're poor with speed and accuracy when dragging.