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Cytus - Precipitation

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy/Combo Hard/Combo
1.0(Old Chart) 6 8[318]
1.1(2nd Chart) 6[255] 8[377]
4.5 5 6
7.0(3rd Chart) 7 8

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    315 on Easy (77.97%), 232 on Hard (33.19%)
  • Hold notes
    20 on Easy (4.95%), 4 on Hard (0.57%)
  • Drag notes
    69 on Easy (17.08%), 463 on Hard (66.24%)


  • The hidden song Precipitation ver.B can be selected from this song by sliding two fingers downwards, similar to the motion of the red rays.


  • The downwards motion of the red rays are similar to that of raindrops, perhaps relating to the definition of precipitation. The big bubbly circle with the title and composer's name also resembles a raindrop.
    IMG 0204
  • This is ICE's first song in Cytus.
  • This is one of the 26 songs that made into another of Rayark Inc.'s games, Deemo.
  • It's part of Prismatic Music's Entrance album.
  • In the latest revision of Cytus 7.0, the end of this song is slightly remixed and the length is extended from 1:48 to 2:00.
  • A full version is available on Soundcloud and Youtube.
  • The time signature is 3/2, and then 6/4 and at the continuation 6/8.
  • If you listen long enough to the preview, it contains a slight preview of Precipitation ver.B at the end.

Helpful Info[]

FGO's QuickRun:

  • Drags. Drags. More drags. Use two fingers or three fingers to tackle them though, but it won't be easy, they are accompanied with left and right click notes too! This song is also stamina-based, so make sure you enter this demon chart with confidence.

Don't burn your fingers. You need them. And this song is harder than the hidden version.


Truffly Tips:

  • Here's the resident drag demon of the chapter. Either acquire yourself some greasy fast speed for those wild zig-zag drags, or use two to three fingers.
  • The assorted click note patterns throughout the song require precision, not speed. Don't go wild on them, or your run will likely be ruined.
  • The ending of this one is a bit crazy, with clicks and short drags being thrown all over the place. Focus on where they are, and hit them accordingly. No spamming allowed.

I thought since I knew the song so well, Easy would be a breeze to TP100. But easy's notes relate more to the drumbeats instead of the tune, which is really frustrating because the tune is so nice that it catches my ear a lot. Just, sort of keep that in mind...