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Parousia - Parousia



Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
3.0 5 9
4.5 6 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    267 on Easy (72.16%), 393 on Hard (67.53%)
  • Hold notes
    42 on Easy (11.35%), 49 on Hard (8.42%)
  • Drag notes
    61 on Easy (16.49%), 140 on Hard (24.05%)


  • This song's genre is APOCALYPSIS JOHANNIS, according to the BMS genre.
  • Parousia means "return" in Greek. It is used a few times in the Bible (in the Revelation).
    • It can also mean "presence", specifically in Plato's Theory of Forms. It is the presence of the perfect 'form' in an object.
  • Parousia is also the name of the album by xi, and the song's cover is also inspired by the album's cover(1).
  • This song obtained third place in BOF2011(2).
  • This is one of the 26 songs that have made it into another one of Rayark Inc.'s games, Deemo(3).

Helpful Info[]

HEAVY BREATHING...Sorry. Too obsessed with this awesome song. Anyway, be quick. That's all. Prepare your fingers in the front, relax in the middle, and arm yourself in the end again.


Extremely captivated by this song... Not to mention it being 3rd in the Annual BOF... Hold on tight at the start and end, for random arrangements of notes are coming your way. Otherwise, it's all awesome.


There are seemingly 3-note groups in this song. Well, they aren't. Just feel fluid with this and you'll get over it (Especially when the above-mentioned appear).


Try analyzing the beginning patterns if you don't get them, then go for it. Once you've gotten through those, summon the powers of clutch and bear through the rest of it. The song shouldn't take too long to Master after that.


As another prize-winning song of xi, the melody and tone of the song is basically flawless. The charts could be hard to newcomers, but play this more and you'll find this interesting and not so hard to get MM.


Just 6 words; great for your ears AND fingers.


The starting patterns can seem pretty vicious, but just practice enough and you'll only need two fingers. I actually have more of a problem with the 8-note groups at the start. Mastered it anyway.

Semi-Squishy 3000

The random pattern in the start and the end require only 2 fingers spamming to the dubstep-esque beat. The rest of the song is amazing, yet, easier than most songs in Cytus though.


Cool piano song, and great for finger practicing...


Fluid dubstep, fluidly placed notes and drags.The middle is rest, stop is for the final boss.


Let's...just say that this song is...ok WITH THAT HORRIBLE CHART!!! This song really deserves a better chart. I once put it in the "least favorite" category because of the chart. The music is... nice i guess.

Dr. Breakfast

Just memorize the first killer of the chart and they can be lv8 to you.