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After all I've been through, singing is now the biggest joy in my life.

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PAFF is a main character in Cytus II, and is one of the 24 playable characters. She was released in Version 1.0. Currently, PAFF has 38 songs, 78 OS Log, 2 Object Analyses, and maxes out at Lv. 90


A singer and commercial star who enjoys immense popularity; a 24 year old girl who seems born to be in the spotlight, whether it's the virtual world or the real world. The number of fans she has is astonishing. She can hold virtual concerts non stop for a whole week and every single session will still be packed to the brim. Her image and every single statement she makes is closely monitored by her agency. When the cameras and lights are not on, just what kind of person is she?


Main article: PAFF OS Logs

PAFF seems to be very enthusiastic as a singer, and has stated that singing is the greatest joy of her life. She loves to please people, and is passionate about her job, as she often holds virtual concerts. However, there may be some hidden parts of her personality, as she is closely watched by her agency to keep up some sort of "image". Towards fans, she is polite and sweet, but distant, rarely ever communicating with them. This is a result of her anxiety. Behind the cameras, PAFF is quite shy and introverted due to the fact that she has memory loss. Even near her sister Helena, she acts calm and reserved, never complaining or protesting against anything. However, this causes her to be shut-off, too, barely speaking about her own wishes. In truth, PAFF only wants to regain her memories and find out who she was in the past.


PAFF Free Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
Baptism of Fire (CliqTrack remix) Louise Penman 3 7 12 140 2:52
Blossoms for Life Shi Kuang Lee & Pico & 林子玹 3 7 11 120 2:26
Body Talk M2U 1 8 12 128 2:07
Bullet Waiting for Me (James Landino remix) Nikki Simmons 1 4 11 107 2:30
Fight Another Day (Andy Tunstall remix) Kat Penkin 2 6 10 120 2:38
Fireflies (Funk Fiction remix) Nikki Simmons 3 6 10 130 2:49
Gravity M2U 3 7 12 13 128 2:41
Green Hope Re:Brych voc. Sing Sing Rabbit 3 7 11 194 3:02
IllMenate Takenoko boy feat. moimoi 3 8 14 116-195 2:37
KANATA mikito 2 6 9 12 130 3:02
Lilac for Anabel Apo11o program ft.Mayumi Morinaga 4 7 13 145 2:21
More Than Diamond THE SxPLAY(菅原紗由理) 2 5 9 126 2:10
New World aioi 3 6 10 92 2:30
Re:Boost EAjRock 2 5 11 13 175 3:12
Recall Night Keepers 3 6 9 95 2:19
SECRET;WEAPON NOMA w/ Apo11o program ft.Yukacco 5 8 14 190 2:31
Save me Now MadHero 3 7 13 140 2:21
Sleeping Beast SNoW 4 7 10 147 3:07
Streetlights (ft. CassieGemini) PTB10 3 6 12 174 2:42
Survive Kevin Penkin feat. Nikki Simmons 1 5 10 130 2:13
Under the same sky hinode 1 7 9 150 2:13
Who Am I? Iris feat. Ruri Matsumura 2 6 10 13 147 2:49
Winter Games GALAXIKA, MONO TO STEREO, TIGER DARROW 2 5 9 118 2:38
PAFF Marvelous Mix vol. 1 Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
So In Love MK&Kanae Asaba 1 6 11 130 2:43
PAFF Featured Article Vol. 1 Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
Cityscape Takashi OKAMOTO(12sound) feat. Tsukasa Shiraki 2 6 12 117 2:40
Favorites DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING 2 5 11 155 2:40
Light up my Love ani 3 8 12 171/166 2:01/2:06
Make Me Alive THE SxPLAY(菅原紗由理) 3 5 10 126 3:00
Super attractor ユアミトス 5 9 14 195 3:06
PAFF Marvelous Mix vol. 2 Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
I Wish You Were Mine GALAXIKA, ELIN 3 7 11 138-142 2:42
PIXIE DUST 上村叶恵 1 5 10 110 2:36
PAFF Marvelous Mix vol. 4 Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
Inspiration Hannah 2 5 10 128 3:00
No-Effected World Miki Fujimoto feat.HARUKI 3 6 10 128 2:19
PAFF Marvelous Mix vol. 5 Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
Orison Iris feat. Jacelyn Yeo 3 7 13 155 2:42
PAFF Marvelous Mix vol. 9 Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
Eutopia Nikiie 2 6 11 125 2:47
So... Nikiie 3 6 9 125 2:38

Result Screen Quotes

“Umm, I’m sorry…” “You can’t be this nervous… I think… “We both need to keep improving.” “I’m so happy to hear this song.” “I’m glad that I didn’t miss your performance.” “I am so blessed to hear such perfect melodies…”
“I don’t think I recognize this song…” “Please try again.” “Hope I can see an even better performance from you.” “Very good music. I really like it.” “You’re amazing. Thank you.” “Beautiful… Ah, excuse me. I was too touched by your music…”
“I’m sorry… I don’t really want to talk now…” “I’m sorry, I’m not feeling so well… I want to rest now.” “If you like this song, I will sing it again on the event. ^^” “Great job. Hope I have a chance to collab with you. ^^” “I believe that you enjoy singing as much as I do. ^^” “Umm... Can we sing one more song together? I really love singing with you...”


  • The theme of PAFF was arranged by SIHanatsuka.
  • PAFF, along with NEKOΦωΦ, Nora and Ivy, appeared in the Cytus II x Sdorica Collaboration as a white orb character.
  • 5 of the 9 songs that have the lowest level for the Easy difficulty in the game (Lv.1) come from PAFF's collection.
  • Before the version 1.5 update, PAFF was the only character from the main 5 characters in Cytus II to not have a new song in newer updates.
  • PAFF is not only the first character that most new players will encounter, but also the character with the highest possible level.

Story Trivia

  • In truth, PAFF is not Aroma White, but rather Kaori Minamiya. After her memories were transferred to said body. However, due to a malfunction, she possesses both Aroma and Kaori's memories.
    • The reason for the malfunction is that Noah White, Aroma's brother in law, had attempted to molest her in the past and as such he attempted to transfer all Aroma's memories except for that one in particular.
    • Appearance-wise, Kaori was modified to match Aroma's look thanks to the "Appearance Cloning" technology from Phoenix, Nora's father figure and Noah's former colleague.
  • Due to a transport accident in the forbidden areas, the body of Kaori was exposed to The Ender Virus. This exposure augmented her body chemistry. As a result, she is one of the few people with the "Eye of Horus" an ability which provides immunity to the virus and allows her to enter the OS Space.
    • Nora, another user of the Eye of Horus, helped her control and hone her abilities.
  • Dependent on the choices of the player in the final battle, PAFF will either sacrifice her life to implement the virus inside Vanessa or live.