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Suzumetune - otome


  • Suzumetune is naotyu- cooperating with Maya, who is also the singer of Retrospective.

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
2.0 5 7


その体温が当たり前のようで温かくて 全体的に出来ない事に溜息ばかりで
アシンメトリで構わない 出来そこないの天秤

アシンメトリになりたいよ 交わらない平行線 
アシンメトリで構わない 出来そこないの天秤


Aitai toki ni mata katachi dake
ki ni shite ichijikan chikoku
Soiu toki ni mata furidashita ame ni yori gikushaku
Daitai soba ni ite iitai koto o narabetara kiri ga nakute
Sono taion ga atarimae no yode atatakakute
zentai-teki ni dekinai koto ni tameiki bakaride
Zettai-teki ni yurusenai koto mo anata ga ite nantonaku kaiketsu
Ashinmetori de kamawanai deki sokonai no tenbin

Ashinmetori ni naritai yo majiwaranai heikosen
Ashinmetori de kamawanai deki sokonai no tenbin

(by christopherandy)

When I go to meet you, I'm an hour late because I can't figure out what to wear
Then on top of that, it starts raining and it gets even worse
Usually when I'm next to you, the things I want to tell you are endless
Your warmth is so natural to me
I'm always sighing when I can't do the things I want to do
Problems are always solved when you're with me
It's okay if it's asymmetrical, a balance scale in the making

I want to be asymmetrical, parallel lines that don't meet
It's okay if it's asymmetrical, a balance scale in the making

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    293 on Easy (88.79%), 414 on Hard (84.32%)
  • Hold notes
    28 on Easy (8.49%), 35 on Hard (7.13%)
  • Drag notes
    9 on Easy (2.72%), 42 on Hard (8.55%)


  • This is SUZUMETUNE's first song in Cytus.
  • Otome literally means "girl" in Japanese, hence the girl featured on the cover.
  • This song has been added in another rhythm game called Tone Sphere - a rhythm game developed by Sta Kousin.

Helpful Info, Advice and Records[]

FGO's QuickRun:

  • What are all these standard 7s in this chapter? Again, this isn't your 7 nightmare chart, but the ending can kill you if you feel overconfident. Prepare for anything thrown at you.

Overall, it's quite a normal chart, so drop your worries and relax as you listen to the happy tune by Suzumetune. The scan line may be faster, so do stay alert though. Like what Serial said, yes, it is a nice song for warmup. (I don't need warmup though...)


A normal difficulty. A normal 7.


This song isn't really hard or easy... Just enough to be a 'finger warmup song'.


Ashinmetori de! Ahem! This is one of my favorite songs, and my favorite Chapter 3 song. The chart is not too hard, pretty simple. Though, for spare time, listen to it and dance!

Ume Sama

My guilty pleasure here, even though this is the first easy song I ever mastered. The chart on hard is not that much harder: follow the singer in the verse, the drum line in the chorus and the guitar at the end and you'll be good.


Truffly Tips:

  • This is a quick paced, yet cheerful chart that doesn't require much effort to get a hold of. Don't get sluggish or cocky; that'll just cause you to be caught off-guard.
  • Double to single switches are all over this piece. Make sure you know which are which, or else you'll likely end up hitting a lot of notes early.
  • The ending throws you several small drags that will trigger as Misses if you're not quick enough in hitting them. They become especially annoying if you're aiming for TP, since it's extremely easy to trigger overlaps by sliding them too far.