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Cytus - Oriens



Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
5.0 6 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    396 on Easy (84.43%), 628 on Hard (80.31%)
  • Hold notes
    59 on Easy (12.58%), 47 on Hard (6.01%)
  • Drag notes
    14 on Easy (2.99%), 107 on Hard (13.68%)


  • Oriens means "East" in Latin.
Oriens bms
  • This song used to be played for free through a Glitch (The glitch won't work in 6.0 as Codename : Zero would be locked) .
  • The song was used at BOF2012 by ginkiha and placed 40th after beating out L.
  • This song was also added to SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN and Muse Dash.

Helpful Info[]

Love this song! ginkiha has well put some oriental elements into a fast, rapid song which is made into loads of rush notes. Coordination comes with the hold + click notes in between. I think my hands shook a lot while MMing this song.


Quickness and flexibility. Get ready for many hand cross overs and 8 note charts. Oh, and wide sliding too.


I love this song. Both the song and the chart. The song is great to listen while the chart is fun to play (love that tap + hold in that beginning, it's so fun).


The song is fast. Immediate fun adder! The hold+clicks are complex, so watch out for that.


An easy 9 imo, the hold + tap isn't that hard. Although, AMAZING music!

Dr. Breakfast

This song is not really hard, but it is fast...but still is a great song. The chart is cool.


This song is so beautiful and great, I wish ginkiha had more songs in Cytus! Too bad 8.0 is possibly the last update.

Ume Sama

This one is extremely difficult as a thumbs player, due to the speed at which you need to readjust for the holds and taps. If you want to hit an S or higher, you'll probably need to learn how to use your thumbs, pointer, and middle finger. My favorite chart of IX.