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Object Analysis (OA) is a mechanic in Cytus II that allows for the exploration of the character's main space. Introduced with Alice and Hans, the mechanic was expanded to Bo Bo, PAFF, NEKO, ROBO_Head, Vanessa, and Ilka.

To access OA, tap the compass. You need to complete certain challenges to unlock certain areas of the image, as well as songs and related content. After completing all the challenges in the set, select "Analyze" to preview, then unlock, a new song. Additionally, flavor text can be observed by tapping certain objects.

Story Significance

Object Analysis (OA) is a system within the OS system created by the player character, E00200. In the "Complete Ending" E00200 is confronted by a persona of PAFF his subconscious created after PAFF attempted to contact him in Kyuu Hou Kai, and a persona of Vanessa created from her "evil intent" that runs rampant in the OS space where he is trapped. They described that as E00200 spent more time trapped in the OS space they gained the ability to configure reality in such a way to better understand the world. By analyzing objects in-depth, E00200 hoped to gather more information about humanity before choosing wether to help or ignore PAFF.