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The note is the main subject of the game. Notes are represented as bubbles. They follow a song's beat through tapping, holding or dragging them as long as these are active in the active scan line system. They are the basis of the score and TP.

There are three common types of notes in Cytus, four in Omega, and five in Cytus II:

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Common note types[]

These are notes tapped when the scan line is over it. Its score and TP is according to the accuracy of the player.

Score TP Status
Perfect (100%) Colored Perfect (100%) Note is tapped right as the scan line crosses it (perfect timing)
Black Perfect (70%) Note is tapped almost before or almost after the scan line crosses
Good (70%) 30% Note is tapped quite before or after the scan line crosses
Bad (30%) 0% Note is tapped incredibly early or late
Miss (0%) 0% Note is not tapped at all (missed)

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These are notes dragged following its track. The track is scored separately with smaller, but equivalent to normal sized, notes.

Score TP Status
Perfect (100%) Color perfect (100%) Note’s track followed with the scan line being followed with no interruptions
Black perfect (70%) Note’s track is followed quite before or after the scan line hits it, or drag sections are not hit in order of their position on the scan line
Good (70%) N/A Impossible to hit Good on Drag Notes
Bad (30%) N/A Impossible to hit Bad on Drag Notes
Miss (0%) 0% Note’s track is followed either followed too early, too late, or not followed at all

Screenshot 2015-02-15-00-12-23

These are notes held until the meter is filled.

Score TP Status
Perfect (100%) Color perfect (100%) Note is held from the very start when the scan line hits its beginning and finished completely
Black perfect (70%) Note is held slightly after the scan line crosses or is held near it's full duration
Good (70%) 30% Note is held quite after the scan line crosses or is held for about 1/2 to 3/4 the required duration
Bad (30%) 0% Note is held far after the scan line crosses or is barely held
Miss (0%) 0% Note is just tapped or not held at all

Play inst4

These are notes that should be flicked along the arrow's direction in Omega, and any direction in Cytus II. They are exclusive to Cytus Omega and Cytus II.

Special note types[]

  • Piano notes

These notes are exclusive to Alice, Hans, and Graff.J. They come from the top of the screen and must be tapped once they reach the bottom, similar to gameplay from Deemo, another Rayark title. Piano notes come in blue, which must be tapped individually like Click notes, and purple, which don't need to be tapped, similar to Drag notes.

  • Dance notes

These notes are currently exclusive to Body Talk's Crash difficulty chart. The song's first four notes are seemingly regular Click and Drag notes, but leave behind a "dance pad" when hit, each representing a color and direction. Afterwards, arrows scroll across the bottom of the screen from right to left, pointing in the direction of one of the dance pads. The correct pad must be hit when the note hits the target line on the left side.