Her eyes are shackled by the chains of knowledge.
Real name Shiino Shizuka
Birthdate November 11, 690 NA
Age 12
Gender Female
Light Blue
Music style Hardcore, Techno, Electronic, Dubstep, Trance

Nora is a main character in Cytus II, and is one of the 16 playable characters. She was released with the 1.8 update. Nora has 264 songs, and she maxes out at level 25.


By reading ROBO_Head's archived record files, the stage is moved to Node 03 on the other side of the world. This Node is controlled by multiple gangs and chaos is always present. Under the turbulent and constant power struggles, the mysterious girl "Nora" observes everything quietly from her secret chamber located deep within the scientific organization "Kyuu Hou Kai".

Unbeknownst to her, she is about to witness a fraction of the truth behind Node 08's ongoing mystery, from her small room in the far, far East.


Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos BPM
Accelerator DJ Myosuke 4 7 14 190
Dance till Dawn lixound 3 6 11 155
Uranus MK 3 8 12 165
Drop The World RiraN 4 8 14 158
Starlight (KIVΛ Remix) 3R2 & KIVΛ 2 6 11 150
Bastard of Hardcore Dj Grimoire 4 7 13 180
Jakarta PROGRESSION KURORAK 3 8 14 140
Eternity Silaver ft. Nathan Brumley 3 7 11 140
Phagy Mutation Glatteis Infekt 2 7 12 138
ATONEMENT SIHanatsuka 3 6 11 150
Grand Emotion Electron 2 6 13  ?


  • Nora is ROBO_Head's creator.
  • Nora is the youngest playable human character in Cytus II, being only 12 years old. The youngest character of them all is ROBO_Head, being only 5 years old.
    • The youngest playable human character before Nora was NEKO#ΦωΦ, being 20 years old.
  • All the art illustrations are made by Aubergine Chen.
    • The art illustrations are all pixel art animations.
    • He also previously made art illustrations in Cytus, notably Chapter D
  • On the right side of the song select screen, the Konami code can be seen.
  • Nora's character selection theme is composed by SIHanatsuka.



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