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Log_Phoenix_698_06_01 01:15:19

Research Log 6980601_23

Alright… This is the first research log for June of 698. This week, the medicine team tested a formula that consists of refactored Acetylcysteine molecules in an attempt to suppress external symptoms. Despite several attempts, we are still unable to prevent “The Ender’ from directly attacking human cells and lading to fatal symptoms. Similar to what has happened during past trials, “The Ender” acts in a way that’s almost… Life-like. It will bypass all defensive barriers and find a new weakness to kill it’s host.

The specimen team performed a more comprehensive check-up on Nora this week, yet nothing was found. Her blood doesn’t contain any unknown element that can suppress “The Ender”. It’s just like every other person’s blood. However, this discovery did indeed spark a new theory in my mind| What if “The Ender is a completely different virus type, one that’s never been observed before?

I have suspected a long time ago, that besides some special element within her body, it could be some other characteristic that has prevented “The Ender” from harming her body. After we discovered Nora’s ability, we’ve also started analyzing her brainwaves. Due to Nora’s frequent use of her ability as of late, patterns that were previously hidden have become clearer and clearer… This is still a speculation, but I believe that Nora’s brainwaves are the keys to opening the door. On top of that, Nora’s body doesn’t make her immune to the virus, rather it uses some sort of mechanism so that she can… “co-exist” with “The Ender”. It’s extremely difficult to replicate the same result multiple times… I still need more active samples, especially of her brainwaves while she is using her ability. If only… We had more people with immunity….

…If we did…. Nora wouldn’t have to go through those hardships anymore. She could go to Node 08, showcase her talents at A.R.C. and bring uncountable blessings to human civilization…. She could rise higher than I ever did…. Or… If she so chose, she could just lead a normal life…. One that every human deserves…Composing music from time to time, That’s what happiness is to her, right?

Happiness, eh… What do I know… about happiness? …I’ve done so many horrible things in the name of my research…. Manson was right.  I’ve long lost the right to have a heart; To feel emotion…

….It seems that I… am a bit too drunk. What was I thinking… Saying all this stuff in a research log… Whatever, the research will continue tomorrow, once the tedious fortune telling is over. I hope we can have a significant breakthrough soon. Recording complete. Voiceprint verification| Phoenix Wyle.

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