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Cytus 10 - Music. The Eternity of Us (Alternative) - Mai Aoyagi Chapter K Knight


Music. The Eternity of Us -Full Ver.- (Mai Aoyagi)


  • This song is entitled "Alternative" on the song selection.
  • The cover art depicts a different version of the story, in which the conflict between Iris and Rosabel never happened.
  • This song is unlocked after clearing Where You Are Not on either difficulty.

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
6.0 2 7

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    194 on Easy (75.78%), 418 on Hard (91.47%)
  • Hold notes
    30 on Easy (11.72%), 33 on Hard (7.22%)
  • Drag notes
    32 on Easy (12.50%), 6 on Hard (1.31%)


 道を探して 日に照らされ月を見上げて
 辿りついた場所 今 悪くないね

 大好きで大好きで 重なり合うミュージック
 嬉しくて嬉しくて 顔もにやけちゃうよ
 焼き付けて焼き付けて 目に映る景色を
 ずっとずっと 歌うように 揺れて

 大好きで大好きで 伝えたくなるよ
 愛しくて愛しくて つかずはなれずの距離
 かみしめてかみしめて 過ぎ行くこの時を
 ずっとずっと 歌うように 揺れて


 Juunen mae no jibun no omoi egaiteta
 Saki no mirai no jibun to sukoshi chigau kedo
 Michi wo sagashite  Hi ni terasare tsuki wo miagete
 Tadoritsuita basho  Ima  Warukunai ne

 Daisuki de daisuki de  Kasanari au MUUJIKKU
 Ureshikute ureshikute  Kao mo ni yakechau yo
 Yakitsukete yakitsukete  Me ni utsuru keshiki wo
 Zutto zutto  Utau you ni  Yurete

 Daisuki de daisuki de  Tsutaetaku naru yo
 Itoshikute itoshikute  Tsukazu wa narezu no kyouri
 Kamishimete kamishimete  Sugiyuku kono toki wo
 Zutto zutto  Utau you ni  Yurete

 Daisuki de daisuki de
 Itoshikute itoshikute
 Soba ni ite

  I drew out the thoughts I had 10 years ago,
  though I turned out a little different than how I had imagined
  I sought my own path, looking at the moon that the sun had lit up
  The place that I’ve reached now isn’t that bad, is it?

  I love it, I love it: this overlapping music
  I’m happy, I’m happy, so much that my face is burning
  Let it remain, let it remain: this scenery reflected in my eyes
  Always, always, let’s sway as though we are singing

  I love you, I love you: I just want to say that to you
  So lovingly, so lovingly: we just can’t stay far apart
  Savour it, savour it: this moment that we are spending together
  Always, always, let’s sway as though we are singing

  I love you, I love you…
  So lovingly, so lovingly…
  Stay by my side


  • The symbol of this song is "", a natural sign in music notation, as if to cancel the conflicts between the two. "A natural sign (♮) is an accidental sign used to cancel a flat or sharp from either a preceding note or the key signature." - Wikipedia.
  • This is the longest song in Chapter K.
  • The book in the lower right corner appears to be the Forbidden Codex.
  • This song can also appears in Deemo as simply, "Music".
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Music in Deemo

Helpful Info[]

Its a slow song, but pleasant to the ear and upbeat Vocals make up for it. I had wished that this was the actual ending though. Slow scan line.


An easy level 7, with beautiful music, mesmerizing vocals, and a heart-touching ending.