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Cytus - Morpho

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
4.0 3 7
4.5 5 8

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    329 on Easy (89.16%), 543 on Hard (93.78%)
  • Hold notes
    3 on Easy (0.81%), 3 on Hard (0.52%)
  • Drag notes
    37 on Easy (10.03%), 33 on Hard (5.70%)


  • IMG 0200

    The glitch performed on Morpho

    This song has the highest main BPM in Cytus starting at 252, peaking at 290 for around 1 second and then decreasing to 284 (252 - 260 - 276 - 282 -287 - 289.5 - 276 - 280 - 290 - 284)
  • The time signature is 3/4, but when the tempo increases, it changes into 4/4.
  • It's possible to produce the red start ring effect through a glitch. Although, the original song will still be played.
  • It's one of the three songs that has over 5 ranges of BPM. The others are Knight of Firmament and Forbidden Codex.
  • It has a scan line BPM of 142 to keep up with the tempo as it increases in the middle. This is the reason why the scan line BPM has no relationship to the actual BPM.

Helpful Info[]

Fastest song in Cytus, armed with a slower line..? No way... This is faster than Speedcore. 290?! A bit of Ice Age though... XD


Do you know what's funny about this song? Its difficulty change on 4.5 is the same as the song right next to it!!! LOL! Also, this song is the fastest song in Cytus but its scroll speed isn't very fast... This song is quite interesting (but one heck of a fuss to play)


The fastest song in Cytus, but the scan line speed is slower?!


Do you even tap bro? This is a crap-load of BPM, basically, STILL having to tap everywhere, same that goes with Codename : Zero, however, it's just a little bit more easier.

Captain "Heichou" Dayren

No way that morpho is the easiest lv.8, Just A Trip is more easier IMO. I love this song very much. This chart is nice too.