Cytus Wiki

From Ver.2.0.0 onwards, the Rayark team formed the Million Downloads Plan, where, for every 100,000 paid downloads, a new chapter that includes 10 new songs will be unlocked. The complete story of Cytus consists of 10 chapters, more than 100 songs that can be played as a whole, as long as the plan goals are reached (in terms of having all 10 chapters unlocked.) The current download count since Version 2.0.0 as of April 2015 is 1,000,000 downloads, thus the plan has been successful.

There are two rules on the success of the download plan.

Rule No.1[]

Since Version 2.0.0 releases, the number of downloads combined from iOS, Android and PlayStation®Mobile paid versions have been publicly updated on regular basis. The accuracy & authentication of the database will be attested to by Taipei district court thereafter.

Rule No.2[]

With every 100,000 paid downloads, a new chapter is guaranteed to be released within 3 months. Each chapter includes at least 10 new songs.


Ultimately, given the possible success of this plan, 1 million paid downloads represents 100 songs to play in Cytus. If gamers promote Cytus passionately & spontaneously, it will become a classic music game, for US$1.99 with a hundred songs to play.

Players who enjoy the game and wish to play locked chapters prior to their release can pay for them through In-App purchasing for US$4.99. Without paying, the cooldown will still be present for all music.

Unlocked Chapters[]

After the release of 8.0, future updates will no longer unlock other IAP chapters.