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Miku is no longer available for purchase.
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Miku Anamanaguchi.png
Character Miku BPM 128 Length 2:28
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Version 2.3.9 Cover Art れおえん
Difficulty Max Combo Chart Design
EASY 3 196 BEE
HARD 6 377 BEE
CHAOS 10 832 BEE
GLITCH Not available Not available ???

Unlock Requirement

  • Level Easy, Hard and Chaos: Already unlocked.


A MIKU song created by the New York band Anamanaguchi.
A devilishly addictive song, you can't get it out of your head after just hearing it once!



Anamanaguchi - Miku ft. Hatsune Miku (Lyric Video)


(oo-ee-oo) x4

Miku, Miku, you can call me Miku.
Blue hair, blue tie, hiding in your wi-fi.
Open secrets, anyone can find me.
Hear your music running through my mind.

I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)

I'm on top of the world because of you.
I do nothing that they could never do.
I'll keep playing along with all of you.
I'll keep playing along.

I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)

Where were we walking together?I will see you in the end.
I'll take you where you've never been and bring you back again.
Listen to me with your eyes, I'm watching you from in the sky.
If you forget I'll fade away, I'm asking you to let me stay.

So bathe me in your magic light, and keep it on in darkest night.
I need you here to keep me strong, to live my life and sing along.
I'm waiting with you wide awake, like your expensive poison snake.
You found me here inside a dream, walk through the fire, straight to me.


  • At the beginning of the song, sets of drag notes make Easter eggs in the Chaos chart.
    • They form the characters ミク (Miku) at "Miku, Miku".
    • Click drags form Miku's twintails and tie at "Blue hair, blue tie".
    • Two sets of drags form an upside down wi-fi symbol at "Hiding in your wi-fi".
    • A music note is formed at "Hear your music".


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