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Miku is no longer available for purchase.

It's over... At the very end, I am still singing for everyone. That's all I asked for.

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Miku is a collaboration character in Cytus II, and is one of the 25 playable characters. She was released with the 2.3.9 update. She was available for purchase until May 31, 2020. Miku has 14 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 15.


A virtual pop star that took Node 03 by storm. Saito Production's latest technological advancement; a money-making machine. She garnered millions of followers and became a well-known staple inside the lives of Node 03's citizens. Having countless amounts of die-hard fans, one would say that Miku was made to be popular; both figuratively, and in a literal sense.

Following the events of Æsir-FEST, what will have happened to the breathtaking star? Will she prevail, or will the malfunctions get the best of her? Will she ever be the same Miku?


Main article: Miku OS Logs

Miku is very charismatic on stage. The joy of seeing others sing along to her music entrances her overall character. Being designed to fit a certain mold, her agency monitors every spark of emotion and action.

She is, until a certain point, completely unaware that she is not human, which means her models are so advanced to the point where the programming makes her believe she is truly a real girl. Though, even upon finding out about her identity, Miku still wishes to sing for everyone, believing that's what she was tasked to do no matter what. She is self-sacrificial, kind and modest, supporting everyone despite some not having taken a liking to her.


Miku Songs
Player Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length Release DLC
Blue Star 八王子P 3 6 11 132 2:27 2.3.9
YouTube BREAK IT 雄之助 4 8 13 139 2:50 2.3.9
Sharing The World BIGHEAD 3 6 10 129 2:38 2.3.9
YouTube Venus di Ujung Jari mohax (VOCALO.ID) 1 5 8 121 2:45 2.3.9
YouTube 月西江 SolPie 2 5 8 70 3:15 2.3.9
Ten Thousand Stars CircusP 4 6 12 128 3:07 2.3.9
Glass Wall GuitarHeroPianoZero 2 6 11 70 3:03 2.3.9
Cybernetic 雄之助 × Circus-P 3 7 13 132 3:18 2.3.9
ラッキー☆オーブ(3R2 Remix) emon(Tes.) 4 7 11 131 2:22 2.3.9
Decade Dixie Flatline 3 6 9 127 2:14 2.3.9
Can't Make a Song!! beat_shobon 4 7 12 165 3:06 2.3.9
Miku Anamanaguchi 3 6 10 128 2:28 2.3.9
魔法みたいなミュージック! OSTER project 3 7 13 210 3:01 2.3.9
ラッキー☆オーブ emon(Tes.) 4 7 11 126 2:36 2.3.9

Result Screen Quotes[]

"S... save me! Get me out of here! Please!" "This is terrible... Nobody will be happy with this performance." "Hmmm... Can't help but feel like something's off with the sound." "Good work~ Ah, thank you." "Whew~... Everyone is very happy. I'm relieved~" "Hello~ everyone~ I'm Hatsune Miku!"
"N, no... AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "I really want to go back... go back and sing for everyone..." "*Yawn*~ I'm exhausted. I want to take a break." "I'm not tired at all. I'm still very lively!" "So close~ I need to practice even harder!" "I'm really... really thankful to everyone for always supporting me."
"Ggggg, ggooodd Mooorrrninnnggg..." "... The audience and I, as well as the performances... Are they all... fake?" "Ummm, you're off key... Please listen to me!!!" "Muuu~ Messed up again! The songs NEKO arranged are all so hard..." "... In the end, I still want to sing one last time..." "That's right. I sing... for the sake of everybody."


  • The theme of Miku was arranged by 3R2.
  • Miku is the first limited time character, as she is no longer purchasable after May 31, 2020.
  • Miku replaced the app icon of Cytus II when 2.3.9 was released.
  • The required experience to max Miku is 3939. 39 is a recurring number in media related to Miku because 3 and 9 can be read as "Mi" and "Ku" (reading used when counting), which makes "Miku" when read together. 3 and 9 can also be read as "San" and "Kyu," (reading used for numerical values) which makes "39" read as "Thank You" (サンキュ).
  • The Miku Version in the Story is Miku v 2.3.9.
  • Miku was released in Cytus II v 2.3.9.
  • Miku is widely acclaimed to be Cytus II's easiest character, having 2 out of the 3 Chaos 8's, Venus di Ujung Jari and 月西江.
  • The character was originally presented as Rayark's annual April Fool's joke. Multiple posts across Rayark's social media depicted Neko and Miku together, posted on April Fool's Day.
  • Several references are made on Miku's song selection screen:
    • Several references to Mandora are present on Miku's wall.
    • A box labeled "Deemo 7" is a reference to Deemo on Miku's wall.
    • ROBO_Head, Neko, and Cherry are all present in some form on Miku's wall.
    • A plush of Graff J. is present on Miku's wall, referencing Rayark's 2018 Cytus 2 April Fool's Joke.
    • NOMA's Brain Power is referenced by having a literal brain inside a jar with liquid and labeled "Brain Power" on Miku's wall.
    • A robotic prosthetic of a right arm, referencing ConneR's prosthetic right arm on Miku's wall.
  • The unknown individual that Miku meets in the virtual space is implied to be Nora for:
    • Saying to physically be in Node 03, same as Miku.
    • Mentioning the idea of seeing "Chaos" within the virtual space, referring to a conversation she has in her own DLC.
    • Expressing empathy for an A.I..


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