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Log_Miku_702_11_30 21:02:39

Ah... ah? Can you hear me? I think it's working?

Mr. Furuhata, I originally planned to leave a projection message for you in the interactive UI, but it seems that my image functions just couldn't do that anymore. However, at the end of everything, there are still some things I want to say to you while I still have my voice.

I'm really sorry for willfully changing the performance; I wasn't able to finish my last song either. I let you down... Despite that, seeing the entire audience so touched... To have that as my last performance made me really, really happy.

Perhaps the latest version has already replaced me perfectly and has continued to bring everyone strength. Nevertheless, I feel very satisfied for being able to spend my days pursuing my dream.

I understand that my feelings of wanting to pursue a dream is preprogrammed by Mr. Furuhata. Despite that, I still feel very happy throughout this process. Maybe this sense of happiness is preprogrammed by Mr. Furuhata too... Well, I don't really understand these complicated things, haha... Even if that's the case, I still thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for giving me this dream. Thank you for giving me this happiness. Thank you for giving me the courage to not give up at the very end.

Mr. Furuhata once had a dream too, one that's much grander than mine. I hope you don't give up on your dream and continue to pursue it as well. Whether it's through singing or technology, I believe that the love we give to this world is all the same.

Lastly, thank you...... for letting me be your child.

7021130_Hatsune Miku_2.3.9