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  • I noticed that you've been cleaning this site up for over half a year now, and I wanted to thank you for your contributions. The management here has become a lot more casual since the release of Cytus II, so it's much appreciated to have diligent editors like you around.

    If you're willing to accept, I'd be glad to appoint you a rollback position to assist your efforts.

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    • Thank you for your appreciation. However, I think there is not much vandalism that a rollback position has to be appointed to somebody. Therefore I refuse to be a rollback position. Once again thank you for your appreciation.
      Btw, could you update the navigation bar, especially the part of Cytus II? Two new characters(Joe and Aroma) have released for a while, but their pages couldn't be found in the navigation bar. Thank you.

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    • Gotcha, I just thought it'd be a nice role to have in case. Also, now I know that the navigation bar can only have up to seven main sections at a time, meaning I had to divide things up further. The more you know.

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    • Hi WheatyTruffles and Thomas,

      This is Iris and thanks for the edits and keeping up the wiki.

      Do you mind using our SoundCloud links instead of the YouTube videos for my songs in Cytus? Those videos are not by us, and we would prefer to direct fans to the official source whenever possible.



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    • Hi Iris,

      Thank you for your advice. I have changed those YouTube videos into your SoundCloud links. You could click these pages (風の声 & Who Am I?) to have a look. Please let us know if you get any issues.

      Best, Thomas

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    • A FANDOM user
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