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Cytus Lambda - Megaera


  • This song is available earlier in the Lambda version of Cytus. 

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
1.0 (Lambda) 4 8

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    341 on Easy (83.17%), 480 on Hard (68.38%)
  • Hold notes
    33 on Easy (8.05%), 27 on Hard (3.85%)
  • Drag notes
    36 on Easy (8.78%), 195 on Hard (27.77%)


  • This is the longest song in Chapter 0.
  • This is the longest switchworks song.
  • In 6.1, if you master the song on the Hard difficulty, the "Million Master" logo doesn't appear. Rayark fixed this bug in 7.0.
    • In some cases, if you master the song in Hard mode, it would force the game to close, and the Million Master will not be saved and counted as one.
  • "Megaera" in Greek means "the jealous one". Megaera is also an ancient Greek god who causes envy and jealousy.
  • This song was used in the Cytus Lambda Trailer.

Helpful Info[]

Say hello to my favorite song in the game. The rock guitar makes your adrenaline flow uncontrollably. For the killer, you need to perform an independent movement for each hand: one should be an accumulative motion for the stacked up notes, and the other should be simply tapping carefully along with the notes. It's a matter of coordination.


This thing is dead slow so don't go dead spam. ;)


Obviously, Slowness builds Rust. An epic song in general with complicated mix of notes. This really should have been a level 9. If anything, it's the only song that beats L2A in the timing area IMO. Like Pit-Stain said, the rock guitar part is the hardest part of the song, and although the notes overlap, there's no perfect result due to the slow scan line if you spam. I've FCed it, but hard to get a high TP as the Trivia has said it to be


As Pit-Stain and CnW said, yea... Ths song is the hardest in Chapter 0, but I managed to MM it with 96 TP. And, I'm really agree with you, Pit-Stain, this song should be Hard 9. Already got MM 5 times in this song, the only secret to MM this song is right timing at the middle part.


Yes, we need Megaera to be Hard Lv9. Spam won't help you here, so good luck.

Semi-Squishy 3000

I only use None pop-up mode just like what TQ2501 used to use. BTW I do not understand the artwork. Sometimes it looks like a motorcycle or a hidden base/headquarter....

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal

The best way to describe this song is with this word: grand. I would rate the song..... 10.5/10.This song is freakin amazing.Slow scan line equals UNSPAMMABLE!


Got disappointed after some crashes...


This song is EPIC.But the chart is a little bit hard, and what is that cover art?


The middle part is obviously the most challenging. As long as you follow the scan line and repeatedly tap that with the spammy side, you'll generally avoid goods. IMO easier than Halcyon but tougher than Area 184.