Cytus Wiki

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
4.0 4 8
4.5 3 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    407 on Easy (88.67%), 526 on Hard (56.50%)
  • Hold notes
    41 on Easy (8.93%), 33 on Hard (3.54%)
  • Drag notes
    11 on Easy (2.40%), 372 on Hard (39.96%)


  • This is M2U's first song in Cytus.
  • On hard mode, there are groups of notes that form a butterfly.
  • The version of this art cover can be found in Colaco's album.
  • This song can also be played in Cytus II as a reward from the CAPSO! mode in the Black Market (Cytus II Ver. 2.8.5)

Helpful Info[]

A song all my friends find hard. The melody + beats thing screws me up all the time, and till now I still don't have the MM, because of accused Misses and Bads. One time I only had one Bad and I really accused it a lot. But waltzy, and really nice for dancing. Note how M2U's signature could be the harmonica. Just get the feel for the music. Really feel it and you can manage an A someday. But now I have the MM for it, so never mind. Other word: Coordination.


This is a very good song. And also kind of a frustrating song. But work the same way twice, and your score will be nice. [groan]

Semi-Squshy 3000

This song has many drag notes mixed with normal taps so be careful...


Good knowledge of drag notes required ahead.


Coordination. COORDINATION!! XD... This song is very catchy both in its pattern and music. Not to mention the artwork as well... (Armpits XD)

Plattie 99

This song requires coordination between 2 sides of the screen, and you have to be ready to drag,click,click&drag in every chorus because it's the biggest killer here! My most favorite song in Cytus so far.




I dont know how lot of people want to make it level 8,It is freakin'hard,harder than entrance...But cool down and play recently you will find a pattern...


For some reason, I find this harder than AXION.


Arg...I dun have the coordination for this song.. GDI!

Dr. Breakfast

The butterfly pattern just keeps letting me have a C. Ew...