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Cytus - Masquerade

Cytus - Masquerade

Difficulty ChangelogEdit

Version Easy Hard
4.0 4 8
4.5 3 9

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    407 on Easy (88.67%), 526 on Hard (56.50%)
  • Hold notes
    41 on Easy (8.93%), 33 on Hard (3.54%)
  • Drag notes
    11 on Easy (2.40%), 372 on Hard (39.96%)


  • This is M2U's first song in Cytus.
  • On hard mode, there are groups of notes that form a butterfly.
  • The version of this art cover can be found in Colaco's album.
  • This song can also be played in Cytus II as a reward from the CAPSO! mode in the Black Market (Cytus II Ver. 2.8.5)

Helpful InfoEdit

A song all my friends find hard. The melody + beats thing screws me up all the time, and till now I still don't have the MM, because of accused Misses and Bads. One time I only had one Bad and I really accused it a lot. But waltzy, and really nice for dancing. Note how M2U's signature could be the harmonica. Just get the feel for the music. Really feel it and you can manage an A someday. But now I have the MM for it, so never mind. Other word: Coordination.
— CookiesNWaffles
This is a very good song. And also kind of a frustrating song. But work the same way twice, and your score will be nice. [groan]
— Semi-Squshy 3000
This song has many drag notes mixed with normal taps so be careful...
— SerialNo30000324
Good knowledge of drag notes required ahead.
— DSZ9
Coordination. COORDINATION!! XD... This song is very catchy both in its pattern and music. Not to mention the artwork as well... (Armpits XD)
— Plattie 99
This song requires coordination between 2 sides of the screen, and you have to be ready to drag,click,click&drag in every chorus because it's the biggest killer here! My most favorite song in Cytus so far.
— KuwamotoMisuke
— SuperK2
I dont know how lot of people want to make it level 8,It is freakin'hard,harder than entrance...But cool down and play recently you will find a pattern...
— Mentholzzz
For some reason, I find this harder than AXION.
— DropletKloud
Arg...I dun have the coordination for this song.. GDI!
— Dr. Breakfast
The butterfly pattern just keeps letting me have a C. Ew...
— Stardustsphere2003

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