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Cytus - Majestic Phoenix -百鳥朝凰-


Ice - Majestic Phoenix 百鳥朝凰 (Original Extended)-2

Version Easy Hard
3.0 5 9
4.5 3 7

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    200 on Easy (66.01%), 265 on Hard (49.62%)
  • Hold notes
    36 on Easy (11.88%), 37 on Hard (6.93%)
  • Drag notes
    67 on Easy (22.11%), 232 on Hard (43.45%)


  • The opening of the song resembles Precipitation at the Entrance ver.A, which was created by the same composer, ICE.
  • This is the only song where the name on the title card does not match the song's name (if not translated). 
  • The words on the cover art are in Chinese (百鸟朝凰), which literally means "all birds have an audience with the Phoenix"
  • It is part of Prismatic Music's Entrance album.

Helpful Info[]

Sounds majestic. Don't mind what DSZ9 said for Skuld here, 'cause this scan line is unusually fast compared to average. I find myself rushing through all the time. Nevertheless, I found it to be a harder level 7 song. It's really tricky and loads of hiccup notes...


This song has too much sliders around, I don't even know that I miss one note o.O


DUN...DUN DUN DUN DUN...DUN DUN DUN ahem...sorry. Carried away again. So, this song sounds similar to Precipitation at the Entrance ver.A. Anyways, beware of the fast notes coming out, and the top to bottom slides.


This song is actually a hard level 7 unlike Twenty One and Red Eyes, due to its fast scanline. This is why it was a level 9 in version 3.0 in the first place. This could be a level 9 due to the performance of the game not the charts. The charts stay the same but the game is laggy on some Android devices, until 4.0 came and realized.

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal

I was kind of surprised that this song was made by ICE. It is so easy compared to his other songs. This one just lives off from the scroll speed.


Majestic Asian blossoms. Fast drags are what make this a 7.


Welcome to probably the easiest ICE song on this game. That being said, expect large ICE™ brand drags, and click notes stuck at each corner, making them hard to anticipate due to the fast scan line. Use your reflexes wisely too. Nonetheless, I personally didn't have much trouble with this majestic song (let's say that, huhuh).