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...But for now, you're still everybody's captain.


Lucy, or more commonly known by her nickname Mrs. Freeze, is a non-playable character in Cytus II. She is part of Sagar's exploration team, Eagle-01.


"When my teammates started warning me of you, I began to investigate. You're Lucien's sister. Lucy's a fake name. And your father, well, he was killed by my father..."



Cold-hearted, rude and blunt, Lucy isn't someone many people get along with easily. Even towards the fellow members of the exploration team, she shows no warm heart, instead talking to them rationally and calmly, with a great lack of emotion.

Her father, Lucien, was killed by Sagar's father, Luka, and her brother was killed by Officer Edwards. She applied for A.R.C under a fake name, "Lucy," in order to kill them both. However, after finding out they're both deceased, she set out for the exploration team to take her revenge out on Sagar instead, since he's Luka's son, and the only person she had an opportunity to kill. However, even though she had many chances (even taking some of them), she ultimately failed and snapped at him, to which he revealed to knowing her plan all along, apologizing for the actions of his father, but telling her she doesn't have the mental will to kill somebody. He later offers her to join Eagle-01 in order to gain a new family. She does, and Sagar tells her that, if she ever so desires, she can kill him if he ever does anything unreasonable.

She is often the victim of Alex's flirty advances, though she either ignores him or reprimands him for it. Near the other members, she tries to be her most professional self.