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Cytus 06 - Lord of Crimson Rose (The Queen) - EYE DT feat Searlait Chapter K Knight


  • This song is entitled "The Queen" on the song selection.
  • Rosabel is depicted as having become queen after her childhood. The Forbidden Codex is placed beneath her elbow, implying that she used it, in part, to ascend the throne.

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
6.0 2 8

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    254 on Easy (88.81%), 511 on Hard (85.31%)
  • Hold notes
    12 on Easy (4.20%), 11 on Hard (1.84%)
  • Drag notes
    20 on Easy (6.99%), 77 on Hard (12.85%)


 呟いて 一人の旅
 彷徨いも 尽くしてない
 バラの花 魔王様な
 弱みと迷いは しない
 痛みを堪えて 叫ぼう
 バラの花 貴族様な
 生意気 盛りの 遺伝子
 忘れない昨日に 引き続き世界奪おう

 Shiroi kokoro o kaku shiteru
 Akaku someta hitomi ni naru
 Tsubuyaite hitori no tabi 
 Samayoi mo tsuku shitenai

 Bara no hana maou youna
 Yowami to mayoi wa shinai
 Kurayami de sasa rete mo
 Itami o taete sakebou
 Bara no hana kizoku youna 
 Namaiki sakari no idenshi 
 wasurenai sakujitsu ni 
 hikitsudzuki sekai ubaou

"I know you're hiding your white heart,
Your pupils have become dyed red"
You murmur while I journey alone
Even when I wander, I don't get tired

The rose is like the devil
Who will never show weakness or hesitation
Even if stabbed in the darkness
I will shout to answer the pain

The rose is like a noble
With the peak of conceit in their blood
From the yesterday that won't be forgotten
I will keep stealing back the world


  • In earlier versions of Cytus, the icon for Lord of Crimson Rose in the cover art was replaced with the icon from The Red Coronation. This has been fixed in 7.0, but the old icon can still be seen behind the correct one.
  • When Rayark released the first teaser for Chapter K on Facebook, a different, previous version of the cover art was used, in which Rosabel's left hand was incomplete, the colors were duller, and the title of the song was not present yet.
  • DT stands for Danny Tai Yang.
  • This song can also appears in Deemo.

Helpful Info[]

If anything, the slow line prevents me from getting a MM on this song, and the last time I did it, the one Good was the last note. Still, this song has really strongly highlighted vocals and its fairly pleasurable to listen to imo.


The song is easy, and I want this to be level 7. But beware of the zigzag dragnotes-- Crazy thing- the dragnotes somewhat form like Rosabel's hair (Her hair is actually curly, duhh)

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal

If you are wondering why we are saying this is easy even though it's an 8...IT IS EASY. TRUST ME. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE AN EASY TIME MMing THIS. Trust me. All you need is basic knowledge of music rhythm. That's it. You are on your way to MM this.


Easiest lv8 , It is as hard as Knight of Firmament.Great vocals though.