Lilac for Anabel
Apo11o program ft.Mayumi Morinaga
Who Am I?
Lilac for Anabel
Character Paff BPM 145 Length 2:21
Version 2.3 Cover Art 張宇心
Difficulty Max Combo Chart Design
Easy 4 283 Linzin阿哲
Hard 7 577 Linzin阿哲
Chaos 13 836 Linzin阿哲
Glitch Not available Not available ???

Unlock RequirementEdit

  • Level Easy, Hard and Chaos: Already Unlocked.

Chart StatisticsEdit

Chart Statistics for Chaos
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Minimum Speed BPM Mode BPM Maximum Speed BPM
Note Type
Tap Hold Drag
Long Hold Flick Click Drag



Lilac for Anabel【OFFICIAL】

Lilac for Anabel【OFFICIAL】


(To me, to you...)
蘭弱に籠って  音(わたし)の心(ここ)に溢れた
傷口の痕に咲いて  その尻尾の幸にも触れた
朝昏闇夜 白んで 追憶の景色を辿った
幻覚に眩んで  薄色空に踊った

CuLuLi CuLuLi LILAC 誰かと混ざる
ふわりふわりな今  曖昧に消えてゆく──

ΦωΦ<コミュニケーション>ΦωΦ (ノラネコミュニケーション)(Pink!)

La La…Lu Lu LILA…

CuLuLi CuLuLi LILAC  私(ふたり)に為れず
接ぎ木(つぎはぎ)だとしても 私と呼べたのなら──

ΦωΦ<イミテーション>ΦωΦ (White!)  

La La…Lu Lu LILA…

(To me, to you...)
ran jaku ni komotte  watashi no koko ni afureta
kizuguchi no ato ni saite  sono shippo no saki ni fureta
asakurai yamiyo shirande tsuioku no keshiki wo tadotta
genkaku ni kurande suuiro sora ni odotta

Kururi Kururi LILAC dareka to mazaru
fuwari fuwari na ima aimai ni maete yuku

perfume kaori wa LILAC
tsunagi tometa kioku
namida ga afuredetekuru no
noraneko-mmunication (pink!)

kofure ni tsumeta kaori ga koboreochiru kara
La La…Lu Lu LILA…

Kururi Kururi LILAC futari ni narezu 
tsugihagi da to shite mo watashi to yobeta no nara

Perfume kaori wa LILAC
ran ni sumeta kioku
nanika ga afuredete kuru no
noraneko imitation (white!)
hana saku yoru ni kimi to "pan demo tabetai ne" nante… ne?
La La…Lu Lu LILA…

(To me, to you...)
I’m trapped among the orchid feathers,
overflowed in the heart (here) inside the sound (myself)
Bloomed in the scar of the wound, Touched that rabbit’s tail as well
Brightened my gloomy life, followed the reminiscent view
Dazzled in hallucinations, danced in the pale sky

Round and round, round and round LILAC Blending with someone
Now, it’s very soft and vanishing ambiguously──

The perfume’s fragrance is LILAC
The memories are bound together
The tears that come out overflowing is
(The stray Nekommunication)’s (Pink!)

Because I, Kaori, stuffed in a small bottle (coffret), will fall off
La La…Lu Lu LILA…

Round and round, round and round LILAC  I (The two of us) can’t be realized
Even if I (we) assume the trees are pieced together (in a patchwork)
If you’re the one who could call with me──

The perfume’s fragrance is LILAC
A memory can be transparent in the orchids
The emotion (“Something”) that comes out overflowing is
(The stray Neko imitation)’s (White!)
My heartbeat (you) said in the (moon of the) night, blooming the flowers
“I also want to eat bread”, right?

La La... Lu Lu LILAS...


  • According to the soundcloud of Apo11o program, the title of this song in Japanese is "ライラック".
  • Lilac for Anabel is similar to リラ, which is one of Neko's songs. This may be a reference to how Neko was not credited by Mono during their collaboration.


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