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  • In the Cytus II MM Star Show held in Xiamen, this song was played in the final round before it was released.
  • This song is a remix of iL, extinguisher and Re:incRnaTiØN ~夕焼ケ世界ノ決別ヲ~ remix, so parts of those songs are heard throughout the song.
    • The reason for choosing iL and Re:incRnaTiØN is they were the songs chosen to be played in the finals of Cytus II JP Battle -CHAOS-. Ice asked for a mash-up and a re-arrangement of them in the Cytus II MM Star Show in order to make a surprise.
    • lixound is the composer of extinguisher, so he added its melody to this song as well.
    • In the aforementioned Cytus II MM Star Show, the difficulty ratings were listed as iL, X, and for Easy, Hard, and Chaos respectively. They represent iL, extinguisher, Re:incRnaTiØN, referring to the melodies used in the song.
  • The Glitch chart was added in 2.7 and was one of the first five Glitch charts added to Cytus II.