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Icon Artist 3R2 Genre Chiptune
Vocal N/A Cover Art Ryori Chart Design No Info
Number R-3 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 1:58 Easy 3 248
BPM 60-160 Hard 9 678


Cytus R - Let's Go on an Adventure - 3R2

Cytus R - Let's Go on an Adventure - 3R2

Notes Edit

  • This song is entitled "Origin" on the song selection.

Difficulty Change logEdit

Version Easy Hard
7.0 3 9

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    155 on Easy (62.50%), 577 on Hard (85.10%)
  • Hold notes
    36 on Easy (14.52%), 27 on Hard (3.98%)
  • Drag notes
    57 on Easy (22.98%), 74 on Hard (10.92%)


  • At the end of the song, the BPM drops significantly from 160 to 60, less than half of the original BPM.

Helpful InfoEdit

I LOVE IT! It may have tricky parts but the song is CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! LOVE IT!
— CookiesNWaffles
OMG!!!! SOOOO CUTEEE! It's a decent level 9. But the music is fresh, happy. You won't able to stop playing. But hey, don't look at the title card to often, you'll get dizzy.
— Dr. Breakfast
Cute!!! It's an easy lv.9, first try with one good and second MM. And the cover arts. Is it a macaron?
— Mentholzzz
I LOVE THIS SONG MUST HAVE MOAR INSIDE MY EARS. I seriously love this song so much I put it's title card as my desktop background.
— DropletKloud

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