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Cytus Million - naotyu - Les Parfums De Celebrez


  • naotyu- confirmed that there were no other songs remixed into this song. He calls it the "Les Parfums de L'amour Drum'n'bass Remix".

Difficulty Changelog

Version Easy Hard
8.0 3 9

Note Statistics

  • Click notes
    510 on Hard (82.93%)
  • Hold notes
    93 on Hard (15.12%)
  • Drag notes
    12 on Hard (1.95%)


  • This is a remix of Les Parfums de L'Amour.
  • This is the longest naotyu- song.
  • Above the girl's ears, there are two very small Mandoras, from one of Rayark's games, Mandora.

Helpful Info

More like Les Parfums de Cele-blergh
— Dr. Breakfast
Fast, three note groups, this is a fast-paced song so warm your fingers up!
— MrGZJcool
Sincerely....I didn't like this song.....(in fact, the only Naotyu song I like is Hercule....) but in comparison with Les parfums de l'amour this is better. Anyway, you only need to be fast, the chart is pretty easy but fast.
— Alice-desu
This song was below my expectations. My least favorite song of Chapter M. Besides the point, the chart isn't hard, nor it isn't easy.
— Ume Sama
What to say? This is a masterpiece, to me. But, the 3-note group and the holds.... are the pain in the butt. So, keep practicing.
— Sweet'N'Sour'Me

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