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Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
4.0 6 9
4.5 4 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    234 on Easy (88.97%), 345 on Hard (72.03%)
  • Hold notes
    23 on Easy (8.75%), 29 on Hard (6.05%)
  • Drag notes
    6 on Easy (2.28%), 105 on Hard (21.92%)


  • This is the shortest song in Chapter 8.
    • This is also the shortest sakuzyo song.
  • It's possible to transfer the red start ring from Slit (which indicates that it's a hidden song) to the adjacent songs (Laplace and Morpho) through a Glitch. Although, the original song will still be played.
  • The title was derived from Pierre-Simon Laplace's mathematical equations and scientific ideas.
  • This song was used in BOF2011 with 3 other songs by sakuzyo.
  • The correct pronunciation of the song is Lah-plus.
  • The BGA of the song is based on the concept of a Laplace demon. According to Laplace, the Laplace demon is a theoretical computation machine which could predict the future and past accurately if given the positions of all the particles in the universe and all the vectors and energy in it.
  • The soundbyte, "I feel you", is also used in another Sakuzyo song "Imprinting".

Helpful Info[]

Laplace transform? I'm not into algebraic expressions and integral transforms yet. But integral transforms would be like the disoriented note patterns in here, hold notes in between click notes. Largely made up of coordination.


Very complicated. Like CookiesNWaffles said, you need a very good hand coordination. Also, pay attention to the middle part where the notes go crazy. Study the beats closely, because the notes are arranged firmly based on them.

Plattie 99

This song has a lot of complex note placements and short drag notes. There are alot of hold notes mixed with taps so be careful.


This song's quite good, both in sound and in chart. Crazy sliders being withheld, this song's not too tough for a Lv9. You may want to practise for the sliders by playing Do Not Wake.

Semi-Squishy 3000

The hold+tap combo might screw you up.


The hold & click simultaneously gets me everytime ... even though I MM it... Playing Hard Landing can help you to understand the notes more..maybe.


Like, every part of this song has its lot of trickery, nonetheless the chart follows well the music. There's a minor killer in the middle, but you'd rather focus on the hold + tap parts to get through the little ordeal that is Laplace.