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Cytus - Landscape

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
3.0 4 7

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    450 on Easy (95.34%), 499 on Hard (68.54%)
  • Hold notes
    8 on Easy (1.69%), 26 on Hard (3.57%)
  • Drag notes
    14 on Easy (2.97%), 203 on Hard (27.89%)


  • The three instruments in the illustration art represent the instruments that were used in the song, namely the electric bass guitar, acoustic guitar and drums.
  • This is the longest song in Chapter 4.
  • This song is extracted from LOW PASS's album "Trimurti".

Helpful Info[]

If you think about it, this song is considerably long and sounds even longer. Other than that, all you need is patience. And take note of the short drags.


This takes the cak-I mean, time. Time. You need that patience and endurance. Anyway, this song has particularly hiccup notes everywhere (you may suddenly find a note hiding below your fingers), so beware.


A really relaxing song that might make you get bored so easily, and you might miss some notes because of boredom. My fav song in Ch. 4


Apparently many people like to think this song as a fast one. Nope. Make sure you get ready for some short but tricky slides. Also, they are not what they seem like. Chill song though.


I'd call those short drags 'flicks'. If you have a quick and flexible finger to move around, I'd suggest treating the flicks continuously. Won't have enough time to land you finger back to the screen if you lift them afterwards, considering the tempo.

Plattie 99

Patience people, this song is long and boring to play but do not let that lower your guard!


I have MMed this before I MMed Parousia for the second time (my tablet) and Sweetness and Love then already cleared Chapter 4. In Hard I don't like the sight of the slide notes.

Sofia Xerneas Yveltal

This song is relaxing, and its chart is fairly easy, so play after madness.


Nice song and one of the hardest lv7 charts with those sliders.

Dr. Breakfast

So good chart+music