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Cytus Chapter S - Symphony - LVBNR5 SCHWARZ


  • According to the song's title, the character's name in the illustration art is Telharmonius: Destructor of Balance.
  • Like other Cranky's work, the lyrics of female vocal is fictional Slavic language.

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
4.5 2 7

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    163 on Easy (65.46%), 389 on Hard (74.95%)
  • Hold notes
    53 on Easy (21.29%), 52 on Hard (10.02%)
  • Drag notes
    33 on Easy (13.25%), 78 on Hard (15.03%)


Don’t let the beat stop I wanna see your head rocking.
Beat’s clucking the beat boys are body popping.
The bass drops and it sounds like a tremor.
Everybody’s in the club getting their vibes together.

Hands in the sky, yo, we moving to the floor.
Leave your stress and put on your happiness at the door.
Keep it funky with the 4/4 beat from your radios TV screens.
And in the streets.

So don't stop now DJ's got the media on lock now.
Temperature’s hot now.
'cause in the bowl there's no time to flop now.
I'mma give my all, give it everything I've got now.

I'm like the colors in the rainbow.
The way my white light just shines through a prism.
These are the sounds I'm spitting on the bass line.
And our waistlines intertwine with the rhythm.

Trust, hot now.
I'm losing control right right now, yeah!

I'm back again, spitting on the track again.
I'm in this game for good, I'm never packing in.
I'm never lacking in the skills you're slacking in.
This year's the year that it's all happening.

I'm in the mode, my vibes are skyrocketing.
Shut the door; the vibes, they need locking in.
This kid's too sick, nobody's stopping him.
And this s*** that's what everyone's forgotten and

I got a lot of talent, you ain't off balance.
And I'm gripping the game like bird talons.
Holding the mic with a tight grip.
When the rhymes come out my thoughts straight from my lips.

Then I deliver a sick twist of lyrics.
Never mimic or spit on real gimmicks.
This MC's just in it just to win it.
And I'm never gonna stop.
So you better get with it.

Feel the beat!
Feel the beat!
Feel the beat!


Helpful Info[]

The only problem with LVBNR5 (both Schwarz and Weib) is that the main part of this song (dun dun dun dun) did not become a center of attention for these 2 songs, but overall, I find these two songs interesting remixes.


Classical rap. NICE.


I mastered this after Weiß. At first I don't like slides in the end.

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal