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  • This song is entitled "Loneliness" on the song selection.
  • To access the old chart, tap the script "L" that will briefly flash in the cover art shown below:
    Script L 1

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
9.0 9 9
9.1 8 9


Viz, when hiding inside Meteor’s soul, finally broke free, and kept a means of contact with him. The force that waited for so long (Viz) appeared in the shape of a phoenix in front of Meteo’s eyes. (credits to nameless-spy, original source can be found here).

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    786 on Easy (65.45%), 990 on Hard (54.97%)
  • Hold notes
    142 on Easy (11.82%), 133 on Hard (7.38%)
  • Drag notes
    273 on Easy (22.73%), 678 on Hard (37.65%)

  • Click notes
    938 on Easy (54.50%), 1141 on Hard (60.02%)
  • Hold notes
    124 on Easy (7.21%), 161 on Hard (8.47%)
  • Drag notes
    659 on Easy (38.29%), 599 on Hard (31.51%)

  • Trivia[]

    • This song is an orchestral remix of the Triumphal Return album version of L, L from Chapter 7 and L2 ~Ascension~ (Act 2) in Chapter 7.[1]
    • A cut version of this song can be found in Deemo, another one of Rayark's games.
    • On the old Hard chart, a group of drag notes spells out "L1". The same pattern happens in the Easy old chart at the same time.
    • The font of the script "L" is Old English Text MT.