Cytus Wiki

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
4.0 9 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    197 on Easy (29.06%), 246 on Hard (23.03%)
  • Hold notes
    56 on Easy (8.26%), 17 on Hard (1.59%)
  • Drag notes
    425 on Easy (62.68%), 805 on Hard (75.38%)


  • This song and its hidden versions were the only songs to have Lv9 on both difficulties, prior to 9.0
    • This song, along with its hidden songs and Alive: The New World, were the only two songs to have the same difficulty level for both the Easy and Hard difficulties.

A scene in the L BMS.

  • This song uses the part of its hidden track (L2 - Ascension: Act 1 (Loneliness)) as a preview in the Song Select menu instead of its main song.
  • This is the first song to ever exceed 1000 notes.
  • This song has the highest number of drag notes in Hard mode.
  • This song is one of only three songs with 2 alternate versions. The others are Entrance and ∅ (Slit).
  • This was used in BOF2012 and gained 44th place. It uses a different cut from the original full song.
  • The font used in the title and the artist is Old English Text MT.
  • L stands for "Lost", "Loneliness", and "Liberation". It is also the Roman numeral for the number 50.
    • The spiritual successor to L, iL, is a reference to Ilka's serial number (IL is a way to write the number "49" with Roman numerals, although the number XLIX is still used more commonly).

Helpful Info[]

This song is absolutely awesome. I MM'd this so quickly because of my undying enthusiasm for this song. I play this song to warm up for songs harder than this, e.g. Codename: Zero. The two secret songs for L are harsh upon me though.


This song, ironically, was the FIRST song I've ever played. And it was on Hard. From this song, I found lots of Rush notes, Drag notes, Epic piano, Lots of drag notes - Many types. Parallel ,Mirror-image, Continuous... But I beat it ALL with a C. . And a deep impression. Thanks to this song, I really got 'lost' in finding Cytus again. But seriously, you'll find L2, L3 and L4 to be outstanding works! And like how L is related to Entrance. XD.


Have you any slides? Yes sir. Tons of it. ICE is here. Prepare for many many many wide slides, and at the end, a twin slide. Wahwahwahwah. It's best to see how people master it on YouTube.


This song is sure to hurt your finger if you are to do all the slides with one hand. Aaaand also the click-drag mix. All this are the reasons why I kinda prefer L2B than this.


My tip: use the pop-up mode none as an advantage, since it lets you "predict the next move".By doing this, remember the three hold notes? When those three pop up, place your three extra fingers on the hold area and do not release them unless the hold note is finished. I hope I was of help.


This song, show how much of a genius ICE is, the great combination of violins and piano makes the song extremely pleasurable to listen to. As for your fingers... Just hope it doesn't burn from the friction


This is a great song, I like it a lot, I was able to do that sliding part (The one with the rapid piano), with just one finger, the rest was a bit hard to react to, in fact, I kept missing the notes on the bottom-right, this was hard, although a very nice masterpiece by ICE.

Captain "Heichou" Dayren

A little overhyped... for a good reason.


This song is the prelude of enjoyable-to-listen-to but harsh-to-play types of songs. Sometimes using 1 finger(any but index fings) of your more preferred hand to do the slides while preparing 2 index fingers to pass the grouped notes can work very well. And the slides during the swifting piano is better handled with 1 finger.


Greatest classic songs.Try use lot of fingers (sometimes up to 6 fingers) for crazy sliding part.and tap bewarely, this songs is not hard


This song is tricky, but by playing carefully, you'll find it to be easy enough. The exception to this, of course, is the crazy slider section. You should only need two fingers on one hand, even with the isolated 7-10 point slides that start and end really far apart. Just don't miss the taps in between the later parts (or, for that matter, get bads), and you can at least pull off a Full Combo. You might even get an MM, which I did. Good luck!

Semi-Squishy 3000

One Word:SLIDE!!!!


The easy version of this majestic song is not that much harder than most of the easy level 7 songs. The hard version has pretty much the same patterns, but it has almost twice the amount of notes, so good luck MMing it!