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Leave my dear daughter and family alone!


Kouhei Asakura is a non-playable character in Cytus II. He is Neko's father.


"Mommy has known him ever since we were both students. Back then, he actually had feelings for me already. Despite that, he waited until we were both adults before he confessed to me in a really sloppy manner... He has no idea how anxious I was waiting for him."



Kouhei is described to be quite a clumsy and careless man, as his daughter, Neko, often shuns him for not being able to perform some tasks. However, he is good-willed. Even when angry at Neko for being inconsiderate, he never means any harm towards her.

He used to be married to Saku, Neko's mother, before divorcing her due to a job offer he received in Node 08 and her refusing to come with him. They had arguments prior to this.

Upon arriving to Node 08 with Neko, they slowly settle down and begin living leisurely again. At work, Kouhei meets a woman, Yukiko with a son named Kenta, and helps her out with her debt, lending money to her. Eventually, though, the two fall in love and decide to get married, which Neko does not support due to feeling like Kouhei replaced her mother. This causes many arguments to arise, once even resulting in Neko running away from home. Yukiko, however, does not blame Neko for it.

After going back to her former home and speaking with her mother, Neko is convinced to apologize to her father and make amends, which she does. However, the family's problems aren't gone, as the people to whom Yukiko was indebted broke into their house and attempted to harm her. Neko luckily arrived in time to protect everyone and then swore to stay, claiming that "nobody in the house was responsible enough to take care of themselves".

Later, with the help of Xenon and Neko, Kouhei impersonates "X" and threatens the people who indebted Yukiko by telling them to leave both her and his "dear daughter" (Neko) alone, ridding her of the problem. This shows Kouhei is overprotective of Neko and truly cares for her. After that, he apologizes to Neko himself and the family reconciles peacefully.

Today, Kouhei lives in Node 08 with Neko, Yukiko and Kenta.