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Kaf (花譜) is a playable character in Cytus II, and is one of the 25 playable characters. Currently, Kaf has 10 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 20.


An "urban legend" that went viral in cyTus, reappears in the form of a shattered "memory"──

In N.A. 699, an anomalous phenomenon occurs within the virtual internet: the sudden appearance of a mysterious giant whale accompanied by a melodious singing voice. For a while, rumors spread and the owner of the whale, Kaf, a girl with a truly unique singing voice, worries that her identity may be revealed. Not knowing what to do, the flustered Kaf seeks out ROBO_Head for help, hoping to dive into the vast sea of data and uncover the truths deep within……


KAF has a very reserved and measured personality. Despite her young age, she presents herself in a poised, mature manner. When speaking, KAF often pauses to consider her words and talks in a quiet and monotone voice. She treats her fans with respect and is always very polite. Over virtual communications, KAF shows more excitement and energy, implying that she may feel shy when speaking.


Kaf Songs
Player Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length Release DLC
花譜 5 7 13 194 2:05 4.2.5
帰り路 花譜 4 7 12 180 2:31 4.2.5
YouTube 過去を喰らう 花譜 3 8 11 187 2:26 4.2.5
未確認少女進行形 花譜 3 7 12 180 2:32 4.2.5
心臓と絡繰 花譜 4 7 11 170 2:30 4.2.5
そして花になる 花譜 2 5 9 93 2:30 4.2.5
不可解 (Cytus II Edit.) 花譜 3 7 12 134 2:30 4.2.5
YouTube 雛鳥 花譜 2 5 10 85 2:32 4.2.5
夜行バスにて 花譜 3 6 12 174 2:22 4.2.5
メルの黄昏 花譜 4 9 13 100 2:30 4.2.5

Result Screen Quotes[]

"Ohh... are you sure you didn't hear screaming just now?" "Practice makes perfect... r-right?" "Don't give up, take a deep breath and try again." "Whew... a little more practice and it'll be perfect." "I won't lose to you! Let's give it our all!" "Turns out, Kaf... really does have a lot of fans."
"M-My ears..." "Feeling unwell? How about a glass of water?" "That's it, you're getting there!" "Wah! I wanna have a go at singing this song!" "What would you think about... singing together some time?" "Thank you everyone! I'm Kaf!"
"Lemme see if F would be willing to give you a few lessons..." "Sorry, I'm honestly not sure what to think right now..." "No matter what, you gotta work hard to give your best performance..." "L-Let's do our best!" "Move people through singing... give people the power to smile..." "Thank you... for finding me in this world..."


  • The theme of Kaf is presumably arranged by SiHanatsuka. Her theme contains samples from 過去を喰らう. Upon release, the lyrics of her theme are notably offset from the melody, an issue not present in the theme which played in her trailer.
  • The Kaf collaboration was released to celebrate Rayark's 10th anniversary.
  • In real life, Kaf is a J-Indie artist with over 500K subscribers on YouTube. She is most well known for composing OP's for anime, including Black Clover.
  • Kaf is the first character priced at $11.99 with a sale price of $5.99, unlike other DLC characters.
  • Kaf is the second collab character to have a alternate skin, the first one being Hans.