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Icon Artist KillerBlood Genre Instrumental
Vocal N/A Cover Art IDRIL Chart Design No Info
Number 5-8 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 2:33 Easy 4 476
BPM 180 Hard 8 649


Cytus - Just a trip

Cytus - Just a trip

Difficulty ChangelogEdit

Version Easy Hard
3.0 4 8

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    345 on Easy (72.48%), 490 on Hard (75.50%)
  • Hold notes
    23 on Easy (4.83%), 33 on Hard (5.08%)
  • Drag notes
    108 on Easy (22.69%), 126 on Hard (19.42%)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the longest KillerBlood song.
  • The girl in the cover art, along with the boy from Future World's have reappeared in Afterglow's cover art.

Helpful InfoEdit

Turns out that I hummed this song everytime. It's pretty simplistic except for some rush notes and the drag + click pattern at the end. A high TP is easy to obtain. The song itself is able to make me play this song more.
— CookiesNWaffles
So this is quite a fast song, and rush notes at the end screw me over. Oh, for a technique on the last part, you can either click on the dots of the slides...or if you are a good coordinator, then slide and tap at the same time.
— MrGZJcool
It is a good idea to save up your energy for the end. Other then the end, it is quite easy.
— SerialNo3000324
This is my second 99.50 MM in easy mode. I liked the two charts (the other is mirrored) from The Black Case.
— Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal
…and then they all freaked-out for Just A Trip. Bad pun. Anyway, this song sounds so jolly that it gives you the perfect mood for mastering it.
— DSZ9
Easiest Lv 8 I MM, Evah, well most easy if you just tapped the Drag+Note killer and not to drag the Slide parts of it.
— SuperK2
This song is very easy for a level 8. I Full combo-ed it FIRST TRY! I could have MM it. Just because that 1 good. Also, this is the first song (except for Alive: The New World) that i got a TP100!!!! Woo! The music is awesome, too.
— Dr. Breakfast
First 8 I tried to master.The ending and the middle got me worried.
— DropletKloud

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