I'm the King of Germs!!
— Joe
Real name Joe Miller
Birthdate March 30, 674 NA
Age 28
Gender Male
Music style Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Soul

Joe is a main character in Cytus II, and is one of the 15 playable characters. He was released during the 1.4 update. Currently, Joe has 11 songs and maxes out at level 35.


JOEZ Cafe of Node 08——On the surface it comes across as an ordinary pub, yet is in possession of over half the city's underground intel.
What transpired in the past to push cynical JOE over the edge, leading to undeniable association with notorious gangs and involvement of cross Node criminal activity past the point of no return? Malicious intentions lurking within the metropolis' dark corners are just waiting for the right moment to bring themselves to the light.


Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos BPM
Childish KillerBlood 4 7 12 174
Turnstile Jumper Frums 4 7 13 321
Juicy Gossip good-cool 3 7 11 190
Standby for Action 3R2 4 8 12 128
Open the Game Jiro 4 6 13 126
Hydrangea Tatsh 3 6 12 214
Absolutely Shi Kuang Lee & Pico 2 5 11 125
Higher and Higher Jiro 3 6 13 230
Take me to the Future Haamoja 3 7 14 125
Nautilus satella 2 5 11 216
Bass Music Umziky 2 8 13 130


  • Before being a playable character, he was only seen in Xenon and ConneR's OS files and iM posts from his account before being playable on update 1.4.
  • Joe makes the debut of the following artists: good-cool, Jiro, Shi Kuang Lee, Hammoja, satella and Umziky.
    • Returning artists are Frums, 3R2 and Tatsh (In his alias Persona from Cytus).



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